Consumers spend money on ‘freemium’ video games

Would you enjoy playing a video game more if it was free to start playing and then you pay for the extras later? You might say ‘yes of course’, but a study by Joost Rietveld of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University now shows that people are willing to spend more time and money on games they must pay for before, the start screen even comes up. Traditionally, video games were sold as hardcopy products in stores such as Toys “R”Us or GameStop. I would say, ever since the mid 2000s, the industry has transitioned into a digital product offering, where games are sold digitally via online stores such as Steam or the iOS App Store.

This transition means that video game publishers have to think carefully about the business model that they use to commercialise their video games. For example, video game publishers can choose to let consumers download and play certain content for free like in online casino sg, then entice them to pay later on, after they’ve played slots for free.

This business model is referred to as the freemium business model Video game publishers are faced with another critical choice. And that is the extent to which they want to break up their content into smaller packages, that are then paid for by consumers. But actually, we know very little about how these choices affect consumer’s decisions to spend time on video games and their willingness to pay for these video games. To find out, I designed an experiment. I took an existing game, and I presented it to half of my participants as a paid game. I presented the same game to the other half of my participants as a free game.

What I discovered was that, even though the game was the exact same for both groups of participants, participants that were presented the paid version of the video game were willing to spend more money on the game as a whole, they were willing to spend more time in the video game, and they were willing to spend more for paid extras that were offered in the video game. And I believe that there is an important psychological explanation for this effect. When consumers first pay for a product, they have made a financial investment into that product and that makes them much more willing to spend additional time and money on that particular product to get that product’s worth. I also conducted a second experiment, to find out how participants would react to the number of paid extras that would be offered in a video game. What I found was that participants who were presented with multiple options were much more likely to choose one of these options and they were also more willing to spend money on these options. I believe that there’s a simple explanation for this finding.

Consumers differ in terms of their tastes and preferences, and by giving them the option to choose from a menu of extras you allow them to choose a combination of extras that best fits their preferences So all in all, my results suggest that video game publishers that want to create the most value for themselves as well as for their players, should sell video games that are premium or paid for and offer many paid extras in those video games. I also believe that these lessons apply to other markets, such as mobile applications in the app store, or publisher selling digital newspapers.

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The Art of Video Games: The Future

I think what we’ve seen from games so far is just the beginning of what this medium is capable of doing. There’s already artistic achievement there. I don’t think there’s a question that games have become an art, but I think they can become a richer and deeper art.

It takes a while for artists to really get inside a medium deep enough to understand what this medium is capable of doing. In a narrative experience like reading a book or seeing a movie, you essentially want to know what happened to someone else, what choices did they make and how did it turn out. We play games to get some useful information that’s somehow linked deep in our brains to survival skills. And with a game it’s about, well, “What should I do?

And what skills should I develop to play for real money? And what choices should I make?” At our best we can bring people together in a way that’s even harder to do in theater and film because they are doing things together. They are setting out upon the quest together; they are facing the dangers, they are discussing the options, they’re making decisions, and they’re building community. But the soil from which every one of those things grew is a dream. And if you can picture that dream and how it turned into something, you’d understand games better and how games are made.

Our industry is a huge and beautiful place filled with people that are creative and talented who want to share experiences with other people. Play enriches your life. Video games have the capacity to connect people and help them share their feelings, their thoughts, that shows their true creative spirit.

The future of video games is really going to be in the storytelling and the emotional connection. Whether you play games or not, millions of people all over the world have such an emotional connection to this industry and to these games and these characters on so many different levels. Games aren’t just blowing things up. Games aren’t just looking at pixels moving around and trying to get a high score. I’d love to see them enrich somebody’s life by helping them learn to feel more, learn to love more, learn to invest more in the world around them Start thinking about the stories behind all of these games.

Start asking what stories you have to tell. Maybe it’s not that the invention of computers that’s interesting, it’s the way computers through games are changing our lives that’s interesting. Computers are just a mechanism through which our whole world is going to change around interactivity.

You know, you had the Industrial Age, and what age is this? Like the Information Age or something like that. Maybe it’s not.

Maybe it’s the Game Age.

DUMB WAYS TO DIE GAME (Adults React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Dumb Ways to Die?” – “Dumb Ways to Die?” Heh. Never heard of it.

– I’ve never played it. I’m sure it’s going to be dumb. – (gasps) I love this game! It’s cute little characters, and they’re playing these little games and then they just die but you have to make them not die. – (Finebros) Dumb Ways to Die is a collection of fast-paced mini-games that will require you to react quickly to stay alive. – Ooh!

And they’re super fast? Like you have to react fast? (blowing fingers) – I used to have Simon back in the day so let’s see how this go. – (Finebros) We’re actually going to have you play both the original and the sequel to the game. – Ooh, two games!

I like it. A twofer. – I like mini-games, so I think it’ll be fun. – Okay, can I start?

– Okay. – Yes! Run. (tapping screen rapidly) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (sigh of relief) Okay, so I had to get the flames off of me.

Don’t talk! “Move characters below the yellow line.” Okay. Got that one. (sharp exale) Don’t press the red button. (anxiously) Hoo!

♪ (chorus sings arias) ♪ (sighs) Little rainbows, yay. Okay, faster. No! Tap the door without the psycho?!

♪ (game-over music) ♪ I tapped when it was empty. I didn’t tap the bear. I should’ve tapped the panda bear. – “Drag the string from the–?” Okay. (train approaches) Oh, from all the balloons?

“Tilt. Guide the spaceman back to his… planet?” No, his helmet. (spaceman stretches and pops) Gosh dang it.

♪ (cheerful chipbit ditty) ♪ – How cute, okay. Okay, “Drag the balloons.” Okay. So I have to– okay, see? (train rushes past) Okay, I lived! You have to pay attention to this.

Okay, stop the blood from holding the finger– wait, okay— see, that’s what I’m talking about. It went too fast. Let’s see. – “Defend the body parts.

Click on–” (sharp gasp) Okay. Now I’m about to– get away. Okay. Come on, where is he? Get away!

♪ (victory music) ♪ Hey! Okay. “Connect the wires… to end. Do not–” ah, hell! I didn’t know what it said. (wire crackles) Okay.

♪ (game-over music) ♪ (fire roars) Oh shit. Okay, I burnt up ’cause I didn’t connect it quick enough. Damn it. Okay, tap and jump. ♪ (game-over music) ♪ Well, why they look at me like that? I was supposed to go into the train.

You have to pay attention, but it goes so quick. (retching) (vomit splatters) – Oh, “clean up.” Wait, scrub the screen?

(glass squeaks) I missed that. (slipping) Did I lose? Oh. He fell on his vomit? – Okay, “Mind the gap. Tap anywhere to jump.”

(boing) Ooh. Oh, okay. Okay.

“Level complete.” “Connect the wires for your own electrical work.” (wires crackle) ♪ (victory music) ♪ ♪ (chimes tinkle) ♪ Oh, Christmas lights! – “Faster.” “Tilt, don’t let him fall.” Oh, did I already lose?

– “Run. Tap as fast as you can.” So I have to, um– I have three lives. That’s what I’m getting from this screen. (wasps buzz) – “Swat.

Tap to hit the wasps.” (slapping) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (sighs) “Clean up the–” okay. (glass squeaks) (glass squeaks) Oh!

(slipping) I think I lost that one too. (gasps and sighs) ♪ (cheerful chipbit ditty) ♪ Can I play again? (laughs) – “Add mustard. Trace the dot.”

Woo, it should be ketchup. Ketchup is way better than mustard. (retching) Okay.

“Clean up.” (gasps) Aaah! Oh, this is the hard one.

This is the one that I hated. ♪ (victory music) ♪ Oh, but I did it! Yes!

– “Tilt the spaceman back to his helmet.” ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yes, that was so easy. I didn’t think I was gonna do that. (toast scrapes walls of toaster) ♪ (victory music) ♪ Killed it. “Connect the wires.” What?

What the heck? Oh. (wires crackle) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ What was I supposed to do? Man, that one was hard.

It’s hard figuring out what they want you to do. (door creaks) This one. The panda! Add mustard again. – (crowd) Yay! – The little people are so cute.

(train bell ringing) (sounding out word) Patience. Okay, I’m not good at spelling, so– (laughs). Oh! Don’t press it. Didn’t do it.

Oh! Man, aaaah! (spaceman’s head stretches and pops) Oh no!

Oh. (laughs) That was violent. – “Faster, faster.” Okay, I don’t know how to do this one.

Oh, I see. Aw, nuts. (fire roars) Dang it! (laughs) This is so hard. It’s so addicting though.

I feel like I could play this all day. – “Defend the private parts. Flick away the piranha.” Oh gosh! I like how I was just dancing.

Get away, piranha! It’s more like a goldfish attacking. This isn’t that bad. – (crowd) Yay!

– Yay! “Tilt. Guide the spaceman back to his helmet.” ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yay! That was easy. It’s gonna get super difficult and hard though.

– “Run. Tap as fast as you can!” RUN!

RUN! RUN! Hey. I like this game. “Faster.” “Get the toast.

Drag the fork out carefully.” I’m not getting electrocuted today. (toast scrapes sides) ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yeah-ha-ha! (retching) “Clean up.”

(anxious gasp) (glass squeaks) (slipping) Whoa! He’s dead. Great. “Tilt, don’t let him fall.” ♪ (game-over music) ♪ Okay.

That’s two lives already dead. I thought it was easy. It’s not. “Don’t press the red button.” Aah, I almost did it. All right, “Move the characters below the yellow line.”

(trains zooms by) Oh-ho-ho! Gosh. Faster!!

(tapping rapidly) – (crowd) Yay! – Yay! Go into your helmet, sir! It’s just like Gravity. Faster, fafafafa– faster!

I’m really bad at this one! (glass squeaks) (slipping) Oh! No, he’s dead again. And I lost. That’s how quick it goes. – “Add mustard.”

Do I have to add more? Oh, the black parts. I fed a snake. Wait, which way– what?

Oh, go into the egg hole. ♪ (rapid chiptune) ♪ “Faster.” “Tilt–” Oh, don’t let him fall. (grunts) (train bell rings) Boom. (train zooms past) – “Connect…” What? Yes!

(train zooms by) I’m gonna do them all. “Don’t press the red button.” Don’t press it. I won’t.

♪ (chorus singing arias) ♪ I can’t– yes! Okay. ♪ (frantic chiptune) ♪ (retching) – Faster-er?

(glass squeaks) (slipping) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ (frustrated sigh) – “Stop the blood.” (gun shots) – (crowd) Yay! (fox whistle) – Yes! Why a moose? (laughs) – “Pa…” (train bell rings) Boom.

(train zooms by) – Ugh! That’s the one that gets me every time. ♪ (cheerful chiptune) ♪ I did really bad. – (Finebros) All right, you’ve tried the first. Ready to go for the second one?

– Yeah, but I’m kind of scared ’cause I don’t know any of the ways. There’s probably a bunch of new, dumb ways to die. – I feel like I’m gonna get beat very bad and get killed plenty of times. – Let’s do it!

– “Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.” Oh, is this like Olympic Games? – The little characters are just so cute.

Oh, until they start bleeding and dying. (whistling) – “Climb the hair.” (meekly) I’m scared. (giggles) “Don’t run. Tap to walk besides the pool.”

(slipping) Aw, I tapped too fast. Ah, dang it. Okay. “Swipe. Stay between the flags.”

Aah! Aah! Oh no, this is so hard. (bloody splat) I’m already two down. “Tap to jump.”

Oops. (electricity crackles) Well, I died. Okay, can I try again? (chuckles) “Wheel of Misfortune?”

“Spin to win!” Whoa. It’s getting crazy. (audience applauds) What does that mean? “You’ve won an extra life.”

Yes! I’m not gonna die. (board springs) Oh shoot. Yeah, I died. (laughing) (bloody splat) Well, I had an extra life and then it got ripped right out from underneath me. – “Avoid the javelins.

Tap to keep safe.” (descending javelins) (blood splatters) How do I– [bleep]. [Bleep] this game. I don’t know how to play. (horse gallops) Where do I hit?

(slicing noise) I have NO idea how to do– like, I’m hitting the buttons. It’s not doing it. “Swipe right to chop the tree.” Okay. (slicing noise) I get it.

All right. “Faster!” “Close the windows and the doors.” (windows and doors shut) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ (bloody splat) What did I clo– what did I miss? Can you win this game?

♪ (carnival music) ♪ (splat) I don’t get it. And he’s dead again! There’s no point of spinning the wheel ’cause you’re gonna die. “Better luck–” I get it. This game is just making me mad.

♪ (slow-paced ditty) ♪ – Oh, I have to swipe! (koala screeches) He got killed by a koala? That’s awesome. “Use two fingers to light the fire.”

(rubbing peg) (flames roar) (point counter beeps) I got it, even though he was on fire. Okay. “Spin?” (air whooshes) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (faint explosion) Yeah!

That’s a dangerous hammer throw. (apes hum in harmony) “Tap…” (twanging guitar off-key) (whump!) I couldn’t– (snickering). (dolphin squeaks) – (player) Whoo-hoo! – “Ride the dolphin.

Tilt to stay on.” (player yelps) (dolphins squeak) Oh no-ho! (bloody splat) That’s a lot harder. That one’s a lot harder.

(amused) “The Wheel of Misfortune.” Okay. “Spin to win.” ♪ (carnival music) ♪ And you’re strapped– this guy’s sad face. (party favor toots) ♪ (victory music) ♪ What did I get?

“You won an extra life! Ready to continue?” Yeah!

(slurping) Okay, what do I have to do here? “Tap to eat?” (chowing down) EAT IT! EAT IT! (trolls chuckle cruelly) They’re eating me? That was a lot tougher.

– “Find the treasure. Tilt to avoid the mines.” Okay.

(mine beeps) Oh, no! (mine beeps) (soft gasp) ♪ (victory music) ♪ Burgers! ‘Cause I’m already hungry. (laughs) Don’t lick the pole. Just don’t.

Just don’t. (gasps) (point counter beeps) I got rewarded with ice cream. “Faster.” “Swipe between–” Oh, “Stay between the flags.” Oh shoot! Swipe.

I already lost. (bloody splat) (chuckles) “Find: Tap the rock with the grub.” Okay.

(eagle screeches) (point counter beeps) Oh, I thought I won that. (flames crackle) Mmm, tilt to toast. Oh my god! You guys give me no time.

“Sweep. Rub the screen to guide the mine.” (sweeping furiously) Oh, is this that– hold on. (mine explodes) (bloody splat) I guess I don’t know how to play. “Spin to win.” ♪ (carnival music) ♪ (bloody splat) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ But who’s really the winner here?

Not me, clearly. – (sighs) Ah, hell. (eagle screeches) (point counter beeps) Good, okay.

Wait, what’s going on? Okay, tap the salmon. Okay, come on. Come on.

Come on. (sucking meat off bone) See? I– (bear moans sadly) Oh. Oh well, bear. – “Brushed it. Scrub the teeth.”

Okay. (brushing) Hey. Look at this. Okay, get that grill. (point counter beeps) Okay, hey!

(starting gun shot) Okay, tap for fast. Okay, go! Come on! Beat– beat ’em!

Beat ’em! (tapping rapidly) Does he got a scissors in his hand as he’s runnin’? (bloody splat) Did this fool fall? (groans) (rats squeak) Ooh!

(tapping rapidly) Am I supposed to do the same thing again? No! Get up there!

(sigh of relief) That was a lot of rats. I would’ve been mad. (javelins descend) Uh-oh. (whump) Oh-ooh.

(javelins descend) Ooh! Ooh-ooh! Come up! No, get away! Don’t– don’t.

(point counter beeps) “Cross the–” ooh, no. Okay, yeah. Ooh, that’s like Frogger. Ooh-ooh, come here!

Come back, log. (water rushes) (bloody splat) Hmm. Okay, what am I supposed to do? – “Stay between the–” Oh, stay between what? What the–?

(bloody splat) Come on. ♪ (carnival music) ♪ (party favor toots) Get ’em. So what happened? Hey, I won an extra life! (horse gallops) What? (slicing sound) (blood squirts) ♪ (game over music) ♪ (bloody splat) That was a waste.

(rats squeak) ♪ (victory music) ♪ – I got that down. (boing) Jump. Boom. Can I jump on him?

(gator snarls) (softly) Yes. (boing) Frogger. (lava boils) (point counter beeps) “Find the treasure. Tilt to avoid the mines.” Okay. (mines beep) Do it.

♪ (victory music) ♪ Got it. (point counter beeps) (dragon growls softly) – “Paint.” Oh. (anxious groan) (smooch!) “Tap to walk beside the pool.” (slipping) Ugh.

(bloody splat) (rushing wind) Tilt. ♪ (victory music) ♪ See, now that I know how to tilt it’s a lot easier. Tap as fast as I can!

♪ (victory music) ♪ (sparse applause) (point counter beeps) (blade scratching ice) Leap. Leap. (chuckles) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (point counter beeps) (potion bubbles) Okay, “Stir to boil and bubble.” I can do this.

♪ (eerie chime) ♪ (flatly) Wow, magic. This one seems a lot easier than the other one, kinda. (board springs) (whump) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ And then I died. (bloody splat) So do I get to spin?

Yes! ♪ (carnival music) ♪ ♪ (party favor toots) ♪ (applause) I got an extra life! Okay. (chuckles) – (player) Whoo-hoo! – “Ride the dolphin. Tilt to stay on.”

Which way? Okay. – (player) Whoo-hoo! Hoo!

Hoo! Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!

– Got it! (point counter beeps) Oh, so it continues with my score too. Okay, feast. It’s time to eat. (tapping furiously) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ It would’ve been better if I kept it on the table. Well, that’s it.

It was cool. It’s frustrating. – It just makes me mad.

It’s like “I am Bread”. It just makes me– every life makes me more rage. – I think it was dumb. It just ticks you off. Especially if you’re competitive. – Fast-paced, but I like it.

It keeps you on your toes and you get all excited. – That’s a really great game for kids ’cause it gets them to think really fast and just be able to multi-task or even read really fast. – They’re both so much fun.

I want to go download them and play them. But I feel like I’m gonna play them all the time. – Thanks for watching us play Dumb Ways to Die on the React channel. – Want to see more episodes of Adult Gaming?

Then subscribe. – Don’t be dumb. Hit that Like button. – Safely make your way to the comments and let us know what we should play next. – Now departing React Channel Station! Toot!

Toooooot! (train whistles) (bloody splat)

The Top 10 Hottest Guys in CS:GO

What’s up guys, my name is Colin McNeil for theScore esports. Last Valentine’s Day, we gave you a video called “The Top 10 hottest League of Legends Players,” and you loved it. Yeah.

So this year, we’re giving more of what you want, with the Top 10 hottest players in CS:GO. Now hold on, before you start writing an essay in the comments section promising to unsubscribe, hear me out. We evaluated these players based on their highlight potential, recent success, relevancy to the game and, yeah, their good looks too. So now that the criteria’s out of the way, here is the Top 10 hottest guys in CS:GO. Peanut brain?

I don’t think so. Nobody is underestimating the tactical prowess of tarik after Cloud9’s incredible Major win in Boston. And you know what, I have it on good authority that smart is sexy. That’s why we’ve picked him to start off this entirely scientific… …Top 10 list. (Casting) Ah yes, the Bosnian beast.

NiKo’s frags are always hot, but since joining FaZe Clan we feel like his style has really improved as well. Damn, this dude has some swag. And it’s worth noting that NiKo has obviously been hitting the gym lately. We’d be doing him a real disservice if we didn’t give him props for the hard work he’s been putting in. Now let’s cut the shirtless selfies and get to the good shit, those sexy NiKo frags.

(Casting) You know, I won’t lie, I did not have jdm on this list originally. But some of the women in the office just wouldn’t stand for it. The bandana-wearing, chair reclining American AWPer had been an integral part of Team Liquid since the summer of 2016. That is until his recent departure in February of this year. He’s like the all-American boy next door… if the boy next door could hit flick shots like this.

(Casting) And hey, if that didn’t convince you, take a look at this bizarre video from ESG Myknonos, with jdm coming out of the ocean, Daniel Craig style. The first and only Frenchman on our list, shox can do it all. He can AWP with the best of them, outduel just about anyone on rifles, and clutch like you wouldn’t believe. (Casting) And when it comes to matters of the heart, I like to imagine he’s equally well-rounded. Everybody loves a renaissance man, am I right? And hey, that suave haircut and pretty solid jawline don’t hurt either.

They say success is the best aphrodisiac. Well, in our next player’s case, he’s got plenty of that. …success, I mean. Arguably the best player in the world, Coldzera also sports one hell of a manly moustache that practically exudes testosterone.

We’re talking Tom Selleck levels of manliness here. And just like NiKo, Cold has clearly been putting in work at the gym. These days he’s looking like a lean, mean fragging machine.

And if you do manage to resist the Brazilian’s animal magnitude, just take a look at these highlights, OK. (Casting) Coming in at number five is another player that the female contingent here in the office just couldn’t leave off the list. The clean cut Danish superstar himself, dev1ce. Recently bouncing back from an injury that kept him out of competitive Counter-Strike for months, dev1ce is back as the primary AWPer for Danish powerhouse Astralis and we are glad to see it.

I have to admit, I’m starting to see the appeal. But whether he’s your type or not, you just can’t argue with plays like this. (Casting) Ah, Sean Gares.

Analyst, in-game leader and not a bad fragger himself. Is there anything this guy can’t do? (Casting) Between leading Misfits to some pretty impressive results, to appearing on the ELEAGUE analyst desk, we’ve been seeing a lot Mr. Gares recently, and that, combined with his good looks, has landed him the number four spot on our list. They say confidence is the key to attraction and Sean has plenty to be confident about.

“You are not my friend, you are my brother, my friend.” Do I really need to explain why Pasha Biceps is on this list? This dude is swole. The guy looks like he could curl a bus-and-a-half.

Plus he has some absolutely adorable children and I know the ladies love a family man. Awwwww. Oh yeah, and I guess he’s a pretty good Counter-Strike player as well… (Casting) I’m just going to come out and say it, one taps are sexy. Although he hasn’t been in top form recently, ScreaM is still the undisputed king of single shot and tight spray AK kills. Uh, sorry, wrong clip. (Casting) I could say more about ScreaM’s dashing good looks, piercing eyes and well groomed facial hair, but hey, I think the highlights speak for themselves.

This is it people, our number one hottest CS:GO player, and who else could it possibly be, but the X-God himself? Dosia a living legend not just in Counter-Strike, but in the Russian dating scene as well. His exploites in love are almost as well known as his accomplishments in esports. A 1.6 player who successfully made the transition to Global Offensive, the Russian playboy is a Major champion, and a major heartbreaker.

Now before you get too hot under the collar, I do need to inform you that, as of September 2017, Dosia is a happily married man. (Casting) Ok, that was our list and you made it this far. So go ahead, flame me. But I don’t know about you, I feel the energy in the air. It’s like Cupid just one tapped me with his Deagle of love.

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About America

Hey there, fellow travelers! Mark here with Wolters World. Today, we’re in Springfield USA! Yes, the home of The Simpsons. Well actually not the actual home of The Simpsons. There’s actually about 20 or 30 Springfields throughout the US.

This just happens to be Springfield, Illinois. And today what we have for you are 10 things that are going to shock you about when you come to the US, because there are things that do shock people when they come here. You know, how many flags are flying all around every single city, and how many Starbucks and McDonalds are in every single city, and the Americans actually eat cheese that’s in a can that they spray in their mouth?

What the heck is that? And look! “No need to refrigerate!” I’m not even talking about the politics in the US, which is also a shocking kind of thing.

Today what we’re going to focus on our 10 things that shock foreign tourists when they come to the US. So let’s get started, okay? Alright, so the first thing that’s going to shock you when you come to the US are the sizes of the US. Now when I talk about size of the US, I mean the actual size of the US; this country is huge!

I mean it’s the size of a continent, okay? When you want to get around. But also the sizes of the food you get here, the portion sizes free refills. Oh my God, it’s soda without end but also the size of the people and that’s why I really, kind of, focus on the size of the US is that first kind of shock. because I’ll meet tourists that are coming to the US and they’re like, “OH!” I am going to fly into New York, just rent a car in New York, drive down to Miami, and then, drive over to Las Vegas and do some gambling.”

“That shouldn’t take so long. I mean, it’s all in the same country.” What you need to realize is the US is huge! That drive from New York City to down in Miami is going to take you 18 hours straight of driving.

I mean that’s no potty breaks, no getting food, no getting gas. 18 hours straight. And of course, no construction, no traffic jams, nothing like that. I mean it’s literally, you know, 1,300 miles, or about 2,000 kilometers just from New York to the tip of Florida.

And then, if you want to go from Florida to Las Vegas well that’s another 4,000 kilometers And it is huge distances when you are traveling in the US. And that does surprise people when they realize this, “Wow, this is a lot bigger than traveling around Germany.” Well, yeah. Germany, you can the train around and see everything.

Here in you US, you just really can’t do that. The distances are just too big. And of course, with those sizes, you have the portion sizes here. One of the things that I love to see is when people realize that we have free refills in the US.

If you are getting soda, not in a can, but a fountain soda where they pour the soda for you if you go to a restaurant, most of the time, your Coke, your Pepsi, Mountain Dew which as super caffeine stuff, your Dr. Pepper, or Root Beer, which foreigners tend to hate but we Americans love, it’s free refills. You just get more and more and more so you only pay once and you get all the soda you ever want. Sadly, that free refill stuff doesn’t count for alcohol. Dang It! But the thing is that free refills, but also the portion sizes here in the US, kind of explain…….some of these things.

Because you’ll see, when you’re going to get your McDonald’s, or whatever in Germany, you get a large there ok. The large is a half liter. Well, the large in Europe is just a medium here. Because, here you can literally get larges that are this big. it is insane.

The portion sizes. And when you go to a restaurant sometimes you’ll think, “Man there’s enough on one plate to feed two people.” Yes, there probably is. So, just know, that when you are coming to the US, you might pack on a few pounds or kilos or stones, whatever, you know, whatever. (chuckles) whatever measurement you want to use, because there are a lot of big portion sizes but there are a lot of really good food around here in the US No, it’s not just McDonald’s. We go to other places too.

And then the third of those size things, are the size of the people. Yes. There are a lot of …… husky, as I like to call myself husky, fluffy Americans. Yes, we do eat a lot and no we don’t go out a lot. We are driving around and things like that so you will see a lot of big people here. But the thing is, not every American is a big, fat, slob like me, ok?

There’s all kinds of shapes and sizes of Americans, like that you are here. So don’t just think that every American just goes to McDonald’s and gets fattened up. That’s just me. Ok? So, just know that there are these sizes of the US will shock you when you look at those things.

Alright? Now, the second thing that’s going to shock you when you come here that has to do with the people, is the people! Look, there is this rumor that Americans are just this fake, friendly.

No. Americans really are super friendly. No matter where you go, people will try to help, will show you around they’ll say, “hey, which restaurant you should go to in this town? “What site should we see? Hey, I am lost, can you help me find the highway?”

People are really nice from the US and in different parts. You go to Minnesota where they are insanely friendly. And the south, they’re insanely friendly. And that’s one thing that people need to understand is that in the US, we do help each other out. We do ask you, “Hey, how are you?

How’s it going? How could I help you?” These are normal things. And that service, kind of, scares tourists when they come. They’re like, “I just walked into the store and they are asking me how can they help. I don’t even know what your store has yet.

How can you help me when I don’t even know what you have?” Look, just know that in the US, we are all about service. We are going to ask you right away. “What can you get?

What do you need to drink? What do you want to order? Can I help you with your clothes?

What are you looking for?” That is just how we work here. Another thing, when you look at the US, you’re going to have a big mix of people here. There’s no one American. You know?

You hear of these stereotypes of this or this or this of Americans Look, Americans come in all shapes, all sizes, all religions, all colors, all creeds, all “hairnesses” because, honestly, the only fake stuff you see in the US are the artificial colorings like you’re going to see, like, the Fantas, and the sodas, and the cereals. You’re going to be like, “Wow, those colors just, like, glow in the dark.” Yes, the artificial coloring thing here, that’s the fakeness of the US.

The friendliness of the people? That’s not fake. They’re awesome. So, we are in Las Vegas now and the third thing that’s going to shock you when you come to the US is ID please.

I need some identification please. The fact that people have to have an ID to buy liquor, and buy cigarettes in the US. Because in the US, you have to be 21 to buy alcohol, and 18 to buy cigarettes, and basically you have to look like your 40 to actually buy them without having them ask you for ID. So, make sure that you keep your passport with you so if you are going to buy stuff, you have that.

And it’s not just you, the person buying, but the people with you, they might need an ID too. Alright, we left the desert of Vegas, and now we are here in the coast here in Florida and the fourth thing that is going to shock you when you come to the US is the the price is never actually what you pay in the US. Now, in Europe and other countries, you already have this VAT, value added tax, that’s already put into the price. Here in the US, we have what we call sales tax.

which is add on after you buy the product. So, if you go to a McDonald’s and you say, “I want to get a hamburger on the dollar menu and I got one buck. I should be able to buy it.”

No, no. That one buck and then you got to put the tax on top of it. It can be anywhere from, I don’t know, 7 to 15 percent. Some states have it.

Some states don’t. It can very between locations so that one dollar cheeseburger or hamburger can actually cost you a dollar ten ($1.10) It gets really frustrating, when you think about it because it’s not just sales tax that gets added on to the price. If you go out to a restaurant, you also have tipping. And tipping in the US is traditionally between 15% and 20% at a sit down restaurant So think about it. You go to a sit down restaurant, right?

You have a $100 bill. Ok, I got a $100 bill in my hand, and the bill for the meal is $100 bucks, I should be fine. Oh no, no, no, no, no. That $100, well you gotta add on another 10% because of, well taxes, right? And sales tax. And another 15% on top of that for tipping.

So now, your 100 dollar bill for dinner is actually $125! And I know, people might not agree with tipping, but that’s how it works in the US. They’re not paid a great wage, but they make a lot more money on tips and that’s why you get this good service that we kind of talk about sometimes. That’s where that comes from.

Now the fifth thing that we have that shocks people is when you come here and you think, “Wow. The US. It’s so developed. They got all this stuff here They must have good public transportation.” Hahahaha. Good and public transportation in the US do not go together.

Yes there are some cities that have decent public transportations; Chicago, New York, Boston. Big cities. You probably can get some decent public transportation within the city but a lot of places out there, there are either no public transportation, or very limited transportation or public transportation that a tourist would not want to ride on.

I would say that that does get kind of frustrating. You’re like, “But wait. You have all this stuff but you gotta drive everywhere.” Anyway, the sixth thing that’s going to shock you when you come here are the toilets.

And specifically, The public toilets in the US. Look, I know I talk about toilets a lot on my videos, and actually, one of our fans made a video of me just saying toilet, toilet, toilet, and all these different places. But I’ll be honest, when you come to the US, public toilets are free. There are tons of public toilets.

Restaurants have them free for everybody, but the thing is, public toilets in the US are usually kind of gross but what I think is funny is when you look at toilets in the US I get a lot of friends of mine coming from around the world like, “Oh my God. Your toilet has so much water in it!” And, yes, the US toilets do use a lot of water. Now, they’re starting to get the lower water content toilets but there are a lot there. So you can be like, “On my God.

Am I supposed to wash my feet in the toilet here?” “Or do I go to the bathroom in it?” It’s kind of crazy. And probably another toilet thing that shocks people is when you go to a public place and they have toilets, there’s so much space between the doors. You can literally look through the crack and see who’s in there doing their business, what business they’re doing what book they might be reading, ok? Because you’re going to be able to look through the side of it.

And then, underneath there’s like this much gap underneath so you can see, “Oh are their feet there?” But literally, you can see everything. So those public toilets really are quite public when you are there. And it does kind of shock people when you are there.

What is cool, is that you do have the toilets all over the place and they are free all over the place in the US so, that is a really cool thing. So, we have moved from the sunny coasts of Florida to the sunny coast, or banks of the muddy Mississippi River. And the next shock we have for you when you come to the US are the Americanisms when you come here.

Look, there are things that are typical U.S.A. and part of that is U – S – A! U – S – A! U – S – A! Yes, one of the Americanisms here is the patriotism in the US You will see the flag flying all over the place. And the people, they love America. ”

‘Murica!” You will see that. Some of the, kind of, quirky things about Americans, when you do come here, you will see.

And it’s not just America in general. You know, when I talked about the toilets well, one of the things about the toilets is by the toilets you will always see this kind of silver box next to it and people are bending over at it. And you’re like, “what is going on here?” It’s a water fountain.

Ok? We like to give away free stuff here in the US. Whether it is free water or free bread at a restaurant, or go to a Mexican Restaurant and you have free chips and salsa until you vomit, and you don’t have to pay for it! I mean, there are so many Americanism little things that when you’re here. With the flag, how much we love it?

You’ll have American flag t-shirts, heck, you could have American flag undies! Ok? We joke about, “Oh Americans and their fast food.” But, literally, there is fast food all over the place and, yes, we do have McDonald’s everywhere, but we have more than McDonald’s.

You have Culver’s in the midwest. You got In-N-Out burgers on the West Coast. Whataburger in Texas. Shake Shack in New York.

And you have all these fast food places all over the place with their super huge drinks. “The large holds one liter.” I believe, that’s what you people call a liter, ok? OH! And liters!! There’s a whole thing right there.

Americans don’t get. Do you know the only way Americans know the metric system is because of Our SODA! This is a 2 liter of Pepsi and this is a 2 liter of Coke, and, you know what, that’s how we know liters here.

It’s by our soda sizes, ok? Otherwise, we use gallons, we use feet, we use inches, we use miles. That’s how they do it here. And a lot of tourists have a hard time with that when they are trying to figure out “well, how much is a gallon?” A gallon is about 4 liters, just so you know. Ok, it’s like 2 of these out there.

OH! And in the US, how you get great quantity discount. See this Coke? This was $1.

See this Pepsi? This was $1 at Wal-Mart. Love you Wal-Mart! Let’s not forget about the Wal-Marts out there.

24 hour shopping? Think about it. Yesterday, my son – my oldest son – spilled ketchup all over himself crashed his skateboard, and ripped up all his clothes and so he really had nothing left for today. So guess what I did at 2 o’clock in the morning. I went to Wal-Mart and got some Coke and Pepsi and I got him clothes.

At 2 a.m. And we love it when we come here, and that’s why tourists love it when they come here. From the friendly people to the 24 hour shopping to the cheap soda (HEY!) I know, you can drive those 20 hours from Florida to Illinois if you have a couple of these with you (WooHoo!!) Go a little crazy, but that’s the thing, there are these really fun Americanisms when you do come here and that’s one of the things.

All you watching, and if you have any of those funny Americanisms, please put them in the comment section below, because we are going to make more videos on funny, little American things when you are here. But, anyway, I guess I’ll go and to the next, kind of, shocking thing when you come to the US. And our 8th shocking thing, and we are going to go back to that thing with the metric system and we can only understand (chuckles) with the soda it goes into the driving. OK?

Here in the US, people get shocked about the driving. I know I talked about how there is a lack of public transport and you have to drive when you are here but when you do drive when you are here, you will be shocked at how big the roads are how big the cars are. Oh, an also, they’re all automatic, ok?

If you can find a stick shift, good luck, and yes, you do do miles per hour here. Not kilometers per hour, but miles per hour. And the speed limits, they change all over the place. You never know when, you’re just like, “Oh, it just changed.”

And the cop gets you. Oh, there’s a shocking thing. You know, some countries, they just have the camera that takes pictures when you’re going too fast. We have that some places in the US but most of the time, you have the cops sitting on the side of the road with their radar guns watching you and, OH, you’ve gone too fast and the sirens come on and they drive down and pull you over. It is quite the American experience to be pulled over for speeding, so don’t speed when you are here. And there are some other little things that are different.

Here in the US you can take a right turn on a red light, so if you are sitting there and you can take a right turn and you have your blinker on, and people are honking at you, it’s because they want you to take a right. Make sure you look and make sure there’s not other traffic is coming. But you can take a right on red. And the thing is, we Americans love our cars. I mean it is the most liberating thing when you are sixteen years old, ha sixteen years old and you get your drivers license here.

So you get your 16 license. License to drive, license to live, oh yeah! And, I mean, that’s part of the US culture. We eat in our cars, we drink in our cars (soda, don’t drink and drive, the cops will throw you in jail, they don’t care what country you’re from, you will go to jail.

Don’t drink and drive. You know, drink your liters of Coke and Pepsi!) So, the ninth thing that is going to shock you when you come to the US, OH, we are here in Boston the kind of, heart of history of the US and the American Revolution.

And the ninth thing that is going to shock you when you come to the US, is you will see a lot of homogeneity, i.e., that means, like, everythings kind of very similar everywhere you go. Also, you will see definite, different cultures and culture and history in the US. We get tons of comments like, “Oh the US, there’s no culture there. There’s just McDonald’s and there’s no history there. It’s too young.”

No, there is history and there is culture here. But on the other side of it, there is a lot of homogeneity so, when you go travel around, you see the same stores. You see, “Oh, look. There’s an Old Navy. Oh, look. There’s a Sephora.”

And you’ll see the same stores again and again. And it gets kind of repetitive. Especially when you are going into the suburbs and you are going into the newer cities and newer towns it really looks like, I mean, you can’t tell the difference between going to one city in one part of the country versus another when you are doing that shopping experience or hotels and things like that.

So it does give you a kind of shock when you’re like, “What town am I in? It seems the same.” But having said that, there are distinct cultures and regions here in the US and that does shock people because you come here, to the Northeast, to New England, you know they have different food You gotta have the clam chowder, and they have what they call the “New England Shield” where they don’t really talk to people, but they’re friendly once you get to know them Or you got the south where you got the Southern hospitality where they feed you for days and give you tons of food and ask you, “how are you doing?” and all kinds of stuff.

Or you got the cool, cooky West Coast. There’s definitely different cultures here in the US and it does shock people when they drive around and realize, “Yes, a lot of the stuff looks the same but the people are different in different parts of the country. So, just know that, yes the homogeneity will shock you but there are different cultures out there, because yes, there is fantastic history here in Boston, and great museums around the US – Getty in LA, Art Institute of Chicago, The Met in New York where you can have great history. You can have great art, You can have great culture when you are here. Because this is a big melting pot of the world.

And the tenth thing that is going to shock you when you come to the US are the hotels. Look, you can actually get a good, medium priced or lower priced hotel here in the US There are tons of hotel chains here. You know, Hampton Inns, Holiday Inn, and all these kinds of places and it’s very standardized, ok? If you get a double room, you can probably put 4 people in a room there Or 40 people people in there, because the rooms are a lot bigger when you get two double beds when you get a double room, it’ll have two beds, i.e., two big beds because there’s no two single beds pushed together like in Europe. You have all this extra space when you are there.

Now, one of the things that does kind of shock people when they do go to the hotels here in the US is, it’s kind of like, the relatively cheaper the hotel is, the more stuff they give you! You go to a cheap chain hotel or a medium priced chain hotel like a Hampton Inn or something like that, and you get free WiFi, you get a free breakfast – like as much breakfast as you want – umm, you know, they’re going to have a pool, all kinds of really cool stuff no resort fees. Oh my God. And if you go to, like, an expensive, nice hotel, breakfast?

Oh no, you get to pay for that. You want internet? Oh that’s $19 a day. Oh the pool?

You want to use the pool and do the fun stuff? You need to do the resort fees and pay extra. You’re like, “Wait, I am paying triple the price for a nice hotel and I actually get less amenities when I go there.” it kind of boggles your mind. So, when you come here, just know that you can actually stay in some of these chain hotels and it’s not a problem what-so-ever, ok? Read the reviews about them, but, you know, you’re going to get one Holiday Inn Express is pretty much the same through out the country.

Remember, the homogeneity of number 9? That really does come out in the hotels, but they are clean, they are safe, and there really are a lot of price options out there, so just know, if you want the free stuff, actually, you go to the cheaper one versus the more expensive ones who have better locations and cooler rooms (maybe) but they make you pay for a lot of things. So it does kind of shock you. “Wait, I get less for more?

Or more for less?” Yes, I know, the US with our stuff. It’s kind of crazy. Anyway, those are our 10 kind of fun things that might shock tourists If you want to learn more, check us out on our website on Have a great time in the US, I hope you like the video. Please, click that like button.

We will see you later. Bye! !

Parlay Calculator on Odds Coach

I’m the Odds Coach. This is how to properly use a parlay calculator. Parlays are bets of two or more, combined together to try to place the odds a little more in the sports bettors favor. They’re particularly common when you’re facing strong favourites in a game and you’re looking to get the odds down to something that’s a little bit more acceptable.

You find two really strong favourites and get the odds combined and lowered to something that pays out a reasonable amount. i’m going to go through an example here of two bets but you can have as many bets as the sportsbook will allow combined together. Bear in mind, with a parlay you’re expecting that only one outcome, the winning of all of your games is going to pay you in return.

Let’s look at this example. This is some odds from Pinnacle on NBA games. We have the Nuggets and Raptors and the Kings and Hawks. As you can see from the odds on these games the Raptors and the Hawks, in their respective games are both really strong favourites. To win one hundred dollars on a Raptors game… you’re going to have to bet $313 at casino gambling games. Its pretty long odds and a pretty big risk for the sports bettor.

What we can do is combine these two really long odds into a parlay. When that happens that merges the odds into something that’s a little bit more acceptable: -133 is a little bit more acceptable. You still need to have both outcomes occur. To really evaluate what’s going on in this parlay you have to then calculate out the other side of the parlay. You can lose in a number of different ways, you can win by one combination: Raptors-Hawks. You can lose by Hawks-Nuggets, Kings-Raptors or Kings-Nuggets.

All three of those outcomes mean that you lose your bet. What we want to do is use some of the calculators on the site to calculate out the exact odds of those outcomes. This would be a nuggets Hawks parlay that’s going to give you +378. That’s a 20.92% implied probability.Here we have the outcome of the Raptors and the Kings giving us +369 that’s a 21.32% implied probability that outcome will occur. Finally we have the Nuggets and the King’s here +1185 giving us a 7.08% likelihood that that’s going to occur. When we add all those implied probabilities together we get 50.02% We’ve already calculated out -133 is an implied probability of 57.08%.

What that actually is telling us is the real useful information here. Since these two numbers add up to above hundred that means the sportsbooks edge on this particular bed is 7.10% That’s a really high sportsbook edge. Typically if you’re going to spread bet your edge is 2.44%-5% depending on the sports book that you’re dealing with.

Here we’re seeing a bet that actually is strongly in the sportsbooks favor. You have to pay close attention because a lot of sportsbooks will change the odds based on the fact that you are trying to compete a parlay.You have to keep an eye on that because, once again, that sportsbook edge can creep up on you and lower the value of your overall bet. Remember to come to the site use the calculators. Pump in all of your numbers for your parlays but also pump in all the eventualities on the other side of the bet so that you’re sure that you’re getting the best value in your parlay. It may be it’s a sign that you should stay away from that bet.

Casino gambler reveals ‘secret no-lose betting pattern’ for roulette

A gambler who claims he was banned from casinos after winning thousands of pounds has revealed his ‘no-lose’ roulette system which he says has seen him rake in the cash for years. Balvinder Sambhi said Rainbow Casino in Birmingham barred him this month after he won using a secret betting pattern, which he has spent years perfecting He also claimed he was banned from Grosvenor Casino back nine years ago. Both Rainbow Casino and other Canadian Online Casinos refused to comment when approached by Birmingham. Live Now Balvinder has revealed his ‘two corner fraction betting system’ which he claims has made him tens of thousands of pounds in casinos throughout Europe Read More Bookies accused of trying to influence parliament as they top list of donors treating MPs to gifts  The system sees Mr Sambhi play eight numbers by placing a chip on two ‘corners’ He waits 12 spins where the numbers 8, 9, 11, 12 AND 26, 27, 29, 30 do not win.

Then he places two chips on two corners, to ensure he wins if the ball lands in 8,9,11, 12 or 26, 27, 29 and 30 He then waits another 12 losing spins with no winning appearance of those numbers, before repeating the bet – which he says offers him odds of 4 5/1. Read More Top Stories from Read More Gambler furious at bookies after it refuses to pay out his winnings after mystery man cashes in  Mr Sambhi, 46, said: ‘‘I’ve never lost with my system and the casinos don’t like that ‘‘They don’t want winners in their premises – just losers. “I even deliberately lose on some days to give the casino a little back so I am not seen as a constant winner ”  Mr Sambhi has written a book about his system called Breaking The Roulette Wheel He added: “Experts have always said that winning at roulette is just down to luck “But I’ve developed a system based on simple mathematics which helps me win every time I play “Some days I win a little and some days a lot. My biggest single daily win was just over £4,000 ‘‘But the fact is I was winning consistently and nobody has ever done that before with roulette ”  Mr Sambhi said he has made a “significant sum” of money since he started playing with his system back in 2006 He claims to have visited casinos in Amsterdam and Frankfurt to win big on high-roller tables where large wins go undetected NO-LOSE BETTING SYSTEM: IN HIS OWN WORDS  1.

This is a two corners, eight number system  2 Wait for 12 continuous losing spins for 8, 9, 11, 12 AND 26, 27, 29, 30 not to appear 3. Then I start placing bets on 2 corners – 8, 9, 11, 12 corner and 26, 27, 29, 30 4. Bet from 13-40 spins using betting chart. 5.

Any winning numbers appear I win I stop and reset. 6. I then wait again for 12 continuous losing spins for 8, 9, 11, 12 AND 26, 27, 29, 30 not to appear again and then I bet again!

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Homecoming Reveal

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, so why we are here – we’re here because we’re going to finally show you Project: Homecoming! And I know everybody has been waiting for this, we can actually jump right in to the game and show you the Monsters fighting against each other, so we have Leshen and the Unseen Elder. And this is of course one of the boards, we’ll have faction-specific boards, so you’ll have one for Scoia’tael, Skellige, Northern Realms and Nilfgaard, and of course specific boards for Thronebreaker, which are really, really awesome. But before we show you those, we’re going to show you Monsters first. Let’s start off by moving on to the mulligan screen.

As you can see, we’re able to mulligan some cards… Yeah, the difference that you can see almost immediately is whenever you milligan a card, it doesn’t go immediately to the deck. It’s basically being put on the side of the mulligan screen, and that’s basically it, the cards will go back to the deck as soon as you close the mulligan screen. The other thing that you probably noticed is that you have much more charges of mulligan than before.

Because before we kept it to 3 in the first round and 1 on the second and third round. Yes, exactly. And now they are actually tied to the Leaders. And not only Leaders – additionally, person who goes first will get 1 additional charge of mulligan, or maybe 2, we’ll see, that’s still a subject to change. But yeah, the mulligans are tied to the Leaders and the number of them depends on the power of their ability.

But you also have to remember that now you have a hand limit of 10 cards, right? That’s also something that is there, so you need to think about how you distribute these mulligans. You will be drawing cards in between rounds, and I think it’s 3 cards when you move on to the second round, and on the third one you also get to draw 3 cards, but only if you have less than 10. Again, this is still a subject to change, because this is what we’re trying right now, and it works for us, but we’ll see. Cool. Let’s stop for a minute, let’s just look at the visuals, because as we promised in the letter by Marcin Iwiński and the GWENT Team, the idea was pretty much to have everything look a lot more darker, grittier, have The Witcher 3 feel.

As you can see, we have this feel over here. I also mentioned previously on the Forums that we’re doing something different with Leaders and changing the way they will be working. As you can see, Leaders are present on the battlefield, so we have the Unseen Elder and the Woodland Spirit who is filling in for Dagon, who is currently gone. This looks just incredible, I’m really happy we can actually show it to you. What do you think about the look overall?

What do I think, or what was our goal when we were doing it? Let’s talk about both! What do I think? I actually think it looks amazing. As you can see, the board is actually bigger because we got rid of the side preview on the right. We don’t need it anymore, as the tooltips that we introduced are more like pop-up tooltips – dynamic tooltips.

Yeah, we can also show those and hover over the cards, and you’ll be able to see that. When you hover over a card you get the preview and the tooltip for it. We also have a big preview but we’ll get to that later. But let’s address the elephant in the room! Not the visual change, the other change.

2 rows – how does this affects the gameplay in the game? This is a very big concern for the Community, so let’s talk about what 2 rows actually enabled for you and your team to do. So, the goal behind the 2 rows was to actually put more focus on the row identity, because this allowed us to create a bit more complicated abilities, without making the tooltips obscure and crazy.

Therefore, what you can expect from now on in GWENT are abilities like, let’s call it row-restricted abilities. We’re not restricting you from playing a card on any row you want to, but some of the abilities will only trigger on certains rows. You’ll have even cards that have different abilities on the melee and on the ranged row.

I know that this was requested by the Community for a long time, but with 3 rows it was really hard to actually do something that will be both interesting, balanced, and on top of that the tooltip will be clean and will not take half of the screen when you’re reading it. Just to jump in – I really like this idea because there are some units, for example, when you play them in melee they hit for 4, let’s say – – of course these are not proper numbers because all these things are a subject to change – – but if you place it on the ranged row, it does 4 damage but you can split it on different units, on four different units, you can proc them one by one, which is really cool because it opens up a whole new space when you design cards, and I really like it. Same with cards that, for example, might do damage or might boost depending on where they are placed, that’s really cool. Also, the cards received a major overhaul, and I’m not only talking about the visuals, of course I’m talking also about the gameplay, but let’s focus on the first part, so the visuals.

They have a new frame, also they are a lot darker, the art is exposed a lot more, and it feels right at home with the redesigned board. What do you think about these? Again, I really, really love them, I much prefer this look to the old look because it just makes the art more prominent, it makes the art pop out more.

As we can see, there are Gold cards, there are Bronzes, but where are the Silvers, Luigi? Ehh, I knew this was coming. So, there are no Silver cards anymore. Let me tell you why, because this can cause outrage, that we are cutting and cutting.

Homecoming, right? We’re going back to the roots, The Witcher 3. Yeah, that’s basically it, because when we created Silver cards back in the day, I think it was in early beta, we created them for balance purposes, because we couldn’t have just Golds and Bronzes, because we didn’t have anything in between.

Right now, with the introduction of the Army limit system – I think you already leaked something about that… Yeah, I talked about it. You have restrictions as to the amount of cards you can put in your deck, and decks are constructed with 30 cards. Yes, so with this system, we actually don’t need Silvers anymore because they are exactly the same as Gold cards. And again, this is coming back to The Witcher 3, where GWENT had only Bronze and Gold cards.

So maybe let’s jump to the big preview of a card, and this card is actually wounded and has something called the base power of the card. Something very requested by the Community. Yes, you were requesting that a lot in the last months, not only last months, last years actually, and we wanted to give it to you. Right now when you preview the card, if you go to the big preview, you will see card’s base power and its current power.

Let’s maybe move on to the VFX, we’ll actually show one of the cards doing damage. As you can see, there is like a fireball effect moving through, and yeah, this is something cool. I know that the VFX team is working really hard and they are making really cool VFX for the weather, because weather stays, right?

Yes, yes. I just wanted to notice that in each statement you can just sum up everything with every visual received major overhaul. Well yes, but now we can actually show all the visuals, which is really cool and I’m really excited for these, because you and the whole team – they kicked ass to get this done. But remember that the visuals are not the only thing that is getting overhaul, because audio is for example getting it as well. It’s really hard to display, especially when we are talking, but yeah, everything is receving a major overhaul so the quality of the game should improve drastically.

Luigi, thank you, as always, for joining me here in the studio, and let’s wait for the next update! See you guys! Bye!

Poisson Football Betting on Overs/Unders for Premier League: Week 2

We’Ve been looking at how well the passo model, you know where, if you look at the distribution of goals scored in football, they follow a Poisson distribution. So all we need to know is the average number of goals that our team scores and concedes, and then we can kind of predict. We can say how often we expect a team to score one, two, three, four or whatever goals. So using that approach we can look at a match, so in this case we’re looking at Watford Palace Arsenal, West Ham, Man, City Swansea, and then we can get the average number of goals that they score and concede from soccer stats.

The link is in the description below the video, so then we just plug that in to our pawsome model. We see how often we expect three or more goals or two or more girls Tector, because so far I’d always be looking at pretty clean the results. So you know whether it’s gon na be a home way in a drawer or away win.

This is the first look really to see. Ok, the passo model also does predict. You know how often we expect three or more goals etc, but is it accurate? I mean how do we use it here? I’M just gon na pick.

I’M gon na decide that okay, I’m gon na bet that we can have to feel more gold if the signal is 60 % or higher. On top of that, I’m using the history sucker starts to look at the historical rate of over and unders, because, okay, we can, we can get a prediction about Man City at home. You know cuz, they score lots of goals, but the other way is to totally ignore.

We don’t have any model, don’t don’t make it more complicated than you need to. So if you just look at the overs and unders, I can say, click at home Arsenal at home have three or more goals, 76 percent of the time. So I typically want to back three or more goals. If it’s Man, City at home, is Man City, eighty-eight percent of the time, so you know we could just use this and what the other game Iwas talking about was in Watford .., Watford, sixty five percent, so all three games, all three games seem to be high-scoring. Where we’d expect three or more, it is slightly more complicated, though, because Crystal Palace have three or more goals like when Crystal Palace are away less than half the time. So what’s the rules am I mean if the home team has to do of more goals?

Quite regularly, but the away team has a good defense and they tend to have low scoring game. I don’t know. Maybe I’d have to come up with the rule. We’D have to figure out what that means in this case, since I haven’t come up with a proper analysis, if anyone knows to be handy, what I’m doing is: oh because I keep man.

City are playing Swansea way and if you look at Swansea, they only have when Swansea are way they have low scoring games. They only have three or more goals. Thirty, five percent of the time.

So, even though Man City tend to score low circles, they’re playing against a team that tend to basically I should’ve shop, octopus or whatever you want to call it, so they tend to be involved in low scoring games, which means it’s not obvious that this is gon Na be a high scoring game. So that’s what we got from the overs and undress it’s on soccer strategy, just click on over San Andres and then we can get the goal rates from this table. So as we saw Arsenal at home, they score.

2 point 6. 5 concede one point: one they’re playing West Ham, who went there away score? One point: two four concede two point, two four, so getting those numbers we can plug them in to our pawsome model in our so for the Man City Swansea match.

We have two or more girls, 88 % of the time three or more 72. Now from just the overs and unders data, you know, if I didn’t have the model, you know I was saying: oh man, City score, 80, half three or more goals. 88 percent of the time, but Swansea away, half three or more girls, only 35 percent of the time. So if I was just using the overs and unders table, I wouldn’t I’d avoid the bedding on three or more goals. I mean it was unclear as to whether we should expect three or more. We could see that he both had two or more goals very regularly, but three or more.

If I just had the data, if I just had the overs and unders data, I would have not bet on them. I would have just bet on the two or more, but using the poisson model it says no, I know that Swansea have a good defense. You know – and they don’t tend to concede – that many away goals, but I think you’re gon na get fewer more very regularly, so the porter model says bet on man city swansea to have three or more. It also says to back arsenal West ham to have three or more eighty-seven percent of the time, so that just leaves Watford Crystal Palace. We have a difference.

So if you plug in the data for Watford Palace, I can see that we expect two or more girls, but it’s not clear about three or more. So I back two or more goals, but I’d stay away from three or more because it’s a coin toss I mean lucky, nearly fifty percent. So it’s it’s very much a coming to us it’s interesting because for Watford Palace we had a difference of opinion. We didn’t really know whether to buy three or more goals or not Watford at home, I think had typically had three or more goals, but Palace away only had three or more half the time.

So if I just had the soccer stats data, if I didn’t have the parcel model again again, I really wouldn’t know how to interpret that so very much like the Man City Swansea match where man said your home nearly always score. I mean nearly always have three or more goals. I think it was 88 %.

What Palace I mean, while Swansea way, rarely have three or more goals. So again, if I just had the soccerstats data, I would give that a miss, but using the poisson model it said. No, I think you’re gon na get three or more goals you nearly it had a very high probability of three or more so again, we’ll see how it goes, but today we have 10 euro on all three matches and we’ll compare the two approaches.

Just using the soccer stats information, if I just knew that old, this is how often the team has three or more goals, and I didn’t have the possible model, and if I had used the poisson model, does it actually add value?

How To Pay By Phone Bill At Mr Spin Mobile Casino

Hello and welcome to our quick guide on how to mobile deposit at Mr Spin mobile casino. In this article, we’ll run you through the entire depositing process, so you can make simple deposits via your mobile phone bill and enjoy all the great slots available at Mr Spin asap.

First, you should head over to Mr Spin’s main site at and download the game of your choice from their games library. Mr Spin’s games can only be played on mobile and as part of an app, so they must be downloaded to your phone in order to play them. You can then make deposits through each of the game apps. When you select a game on their site, you’ll be asked to type in your mobile phone number. Once you type in your number, you’ll be sent a text message, which will contain a link to download the game itself.

Once the game has installed on your phone, you can then open the app and will be presented with several options. In order to deposit, head over to the “Banking” section and you will be prompted to either register or log in to your Mr Spin account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the “Banking” section, where you should select the “deposit” option, followed by the “pay by phone bill” depositing option.

You’ll then be given a choice of 3 amounts you can deposit. Players can deposit from as little as £3, £5 or £10. Once you’ve selected your depositing amount, you then just need to hit the deposit button and after a short loading time, your payment will be complete. Once your payment is complete, you’ll receive a text from Mr Spin confirming your payment has gone through. This will act as your receipt. You’ve now officially topped up your casino wallet. Now all you have to do is head back to the Mr Spin game app and select “Play Now For Real Money” in order to start betting real money wagers.

Alternatively, onCasinogames website suggests you download another game from Mr Spin’s site and still play with your deposit if you log into the same account. We hope you found this quick guide to mobile depositing at Mr Spin helpful. If you want to see more from us, then bookmark our blog for more depositing guides throughout the week.

Gambling Guidelines

Do you know that playing casino and online poker in online form or at online casino sites, you are actually at mathematical losses there? This is because no matter whether you win or lose the game, online casinos always have the fiscal winning edge over every casino game you partake in. So, if you are completely a beginner, you need to follow some necessary guidelines that will help you avoid mistakes that are often committed by reckless players. If you follow these tips, chances are you will be frequently a winner, so go on reading for a better understanding.

First and foremost, be sure you have fixed limits for betting as most gamblers often commit the mistake and regret later. So set an affordable amount of money which you can wager on a casino online games and do not overlap it sternly. This seems most difficult thing for most players as to abide by it and to control the sensation to gamble beyond bankroll limits.

Next important thing is to conduct a research when you are about to download a casino software as recommended by the selected online casino site, since you do this subsequently to downloading, you will be too late to ameliorate the mistake.

Third critical tip concerns the Bonus selection. As different online casinos offers different casino bonuses and other promotions, it is necessary that you select the best cash bonus that suits you emotions and needs. For example, if you are a gambler to whom playing for big stakes is a routine thing; don’t go for choosing one hundred match that puts in at $50 the most number of raises. On the other hand, if you are certainly a trivial gambler, best for not choosing 20% percent bonus that provides you a swish first-time bonus besides the matching deposit.

Last but not the least, Gambling players who are too eager to spend their bankroll much before the relevant time, and then try to win it again by increasing their bets by doubling or tripling, just in the hope of earning money back. It is bitter fact that you will never receive your losses with fancily large wagers! Review Gambling History.

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Playing in Slots Tournaments

Casinos, both online and “live”, love to host tournaments. Originally these events were built around popular card games like poker and blackjack, but today they focus on all kinds of casino games, and one of the most popular are slots tournaments.

To play in a slots tournament of any kind requires an enrollment fee. These add up as part of the awards given to the winners. Tournaments in either environment happen only in real time, and for a set period during each session or day.

The purpose of a slots tournament is to pit a pool of players against one another to see who lasts the longest. A slots tournament begins by issuing the same number of coins or credits to each of the players who then set out on their day, or weekend, of play. Because players are not using their own money, many say it makes for a great deal of truly competitive fun. In fact, many say it is not the prize they are looking to win, but the competition itself.

Some tournaments allow spectators to watch how the players wager their coins and credits, and see if there is any specific strategy or tactic that they successfully use. Many new slots players enjoy watching these events in order to see if they are playing to their own best advantage. For example, during a slots tournament a conservative player will be pitted against a very daring player, and the results for both styles of play will be easy for all of the audience to see immediately.

Casinos of both kinds like to host tournaments because they promote the game and bring a great deal of attention, as well as potential revenue, into the casino itself. Some casinos host “free” tournaments for members of their slots clubs, which encourages them to play more frequently.

While live casino’s and online casino’s slots tournaments are fundamentally identical in the way they are managed, the online slots tournaments eliminate all of the social interaction of the live events. Some casino tournament players are so successful that they make a living travelling from casino tournament to casino tournament. These people form their own little social set, and many have hysterical or fascinating stories about their time on the tournament circuits. The “upside” or benefit of the online slots tournaments is the complete absence of distractions of any kind, where a player can really focus on their strategy.

The popularity of these tournaments is increasing every year, and many of the larger casinos will actually make an entire week long event around the activities. There will be preliminary and qualifying rounds where numbers of players face elimination, and a lead up to a final weekend of heavy or high stakes competitive playing.

Currently most tournaments deliver a cash prize to the winner, as well as the second and third place finishers. These prizes can come from registration fees, corporate and casino sponsorship, and any fees paid by those who attended the events simply to watch the players win.

Roulette – one of the most exciting and fun games the casino provides

Winning online roulette NZ games are simply on pure luck as not much prior calculations and strategies are required to win these game.

Before delving into details lets us first understand what exactly is roulette? Roulette is a casino game, a spinning wheel, where the players bet, based on number and color. The wheel is spun in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. After the wheel stops spinning, the better, checks whether the color and number matches according to his predictions or not. It is completely based on chance as no one knows as to where the balls will land.

However, there are many who claim to have discovered a fallacy in this game. They even try to prove the fallacy with the support of mathematics and statistics. According to them, it is likely that when a ball lands on the red color for consecutive five times, then the probability of the ball landing on the black in the next turn becomes higher. These assumptions are however not hundred percent scientific, but it surely can help a losing competitor arrange the bets accordingly. Thus this fallacy cannot help a competitor win, but definitely can help him in putting forward a cautious and controlled step in his next turn.

Another roulette game known as the Martingale system is unique in its own way. Here if the player loses, he has to keep doubling his bet until he wins.

The only way to win roulette is a proper money management and a calm composed mind. One also needs to carefully study the table and if possible strategize the next moves. If one fails to keep these in mind, money is sure to flow out from pocket at a great speed.

Roulette is undoubtedly the toughest game on earth.

Important aspects of the Online Casino Slots

One of the casino slot games online is the most popular online casino. It is considered one of the most exciting games to play and is considered a good way to pass time and earn money along the way if you’re lucky. The advantages of playing online slots games are numerous. An important advantage that attracts players to participate online is the convenience factor of it. Playing online casino is only one person can have access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. You can play the game in the comfort of your own home and not have to spend money on trips to casinos. Try free slot games on the internet is a series of sites that offer the opportunity to play slots online for free. This is an excellent option, try the slots games without spending money and learn to play the game

So you can have a better chance to decide whether you want to go back and play for real money. Play slots online I would think that playing slot machines online is complex, but in reality is not and can not be a beginner. However, if you’ve never played before you should try the game for free and then when you have little experience in order to keep real money. Most online casino sites give instructions on how to play the game. The interfaces are generally very easy to use and most of the games follow the same basic rules of traditional slot games. The main goal of the game is to spin the wheel and hope that they end their symbols, which will take you to reap the rewards. When you play online you must use a mouse or keyboard to start rolling.

What are the chances of winning the game? Slots purely rely on luck rather than skill. Whether you win or lose depends on how lucky you are. The result of each tower has already been decided at random by a computer device of the machine through a random number generator installed so that all chances of winning a slot game are exactly the same. Not at any time of day the game or where you play as the chances of winning are the same for all players.

Discover About Simple Casino Games

Casinos offer a wide variety of gaming options to pick from. The selection of table for the first timers is really a difficult as well as confusing task. You will find numerous games at every casino, some of them really simple while others are complex which require some specific knowledge and strategy. Here are few simple casino games described which will be perfect for the players playing for the first time.

Roulette – The numbered wheel has become quite infamous but it is among the simplest games at casino. You simple need to gamble on the place of the wheel where you think ball would be standing still. You can make your choice from Odd or even, red or black and sometimes even specific numbers.

Classic Slots – It has been the most popular and favorite games for over years at every casino. Slots also come in a variety and some have become really advanced with some gimmicks. Luck is one thing which matters a lot when you play at slots.

Caribbean Stud Poker – This is one of the classic poker games. This is a 5-card game and is played against the dealer. Each player is given 5 cards and after seeing the cards, one needs to decide whether they want to fold or rise depending on their hand at poker. For people, who have strong poker hands can make real big money out of this simple game play. These days many casinos pay out huge sums if you happen to win the jackpot with Caribbean stud.

Blackjack – It is a game which revolves around number 21, you need to get close to this number while beating the dealer’s hand. This game is really easy to learn, as soon as you are done with your basics you can move towards more advanced techniques like splitting cards or doubling down.

Hiring a Casino Party Company

If you are planning to organize a party and casino is one of the main parts then you will definitely need a casino party organizing company. There are certain things to make your casino fundraiser successful and the company you choose plays a major part. So, in order to have a grand casino party you need to choose your company wisely. Here are few points to guide you while employing a casino party company for your event.

The commission planning the whole event needs to be chosen very intelligently as the whole event is going depend on them. You can start with assigning specific tasks required for the occasion. Mainly it includes the license, catering services, law, good location, sponsors will be a nice idea though and most importantly in-charge of money. It is not possible for a single individual to handle all these operations, so you need to employ one person per service. Checking on their progress is a must.

In order to get your licensing requirements fulfilled, you need your casino company also to be licensed. So, just make sure that the company you employ has a valid license for organizing these events.

A genuine casino party company will always you about the license permits and if you do not have them, they will either tell you or mail you the required form for obtaining license. They will guide you from head to toe on the licensing process as well as permission from township.

It is advisable to hire a local casino party company instead of a national one because a local company knows all the rules and regulations of your company. Do not get attracted by the pictures of movie stars playing in the casino pasted right on the homepage of their website, it is not at all important. What matters is the quote; look at it before going any further.

What You Need to Know About Robot Gambler

Is the robot more intelligent than human beings? This one of the most hotly debated topic in the casinos nowadays. In most occasions, the opponent of a human player is a non human player i.e. a robot or a machine, nicknamed as bot, by the gamblers. These bots are most common in the online gambling centers where the gamblers compete with these programmed software. There are bots for every games- poker, blackjack, slots. The poker bots and the blackjack bots are the favorites of the customers and sales have been quite high.

Poker is a game which requires high skills and one also has to understand the psychology of the opponents in order to win. It is for this reason that the playing with poker bots are extremely challenging as it is next to impossible to understand the next move of these bots. However, there are reports of few human players winning against the bots.

The question remains debatable as to whether it is ethical to make a human player compete with a pre-programmed gaming software and machine. Shanky Technology, one of the leading software making company declared, “Our poker bot plays extremely well, but you do need to find a profitable game environment to put it in. A lot of our customers are good players themselves who just use the program to hold their place in juicy games while they eat dinner, or play out their customer reward points in free roll tournaments.” Thus exposing a stark reality that there are times when men use these bots in substitute of themselves. These robots do not get tired, neither do they cross through any emotional swings while winning and losing and the biggest advantage is that they are programmed in a manner to be able to compete easily with the toughest of players. Robot gamblers are definitely a big competition to human players.


All You Need to Know About Casino Junkets

Casino Junket in simple terms can be described as a trip to a casino or some other gambling destination without spending money, yes I mean it is totally free. It guarantees the gambling time period and wager of a specific individual. The host of your junket will provide you all the necessary information about your forthcoming trip and what all expenses are included like airfare, accommodation and all. It is likely to be complimentary if you are a regular player at their casino or have previously played there. If you are a recreational gambler, then this is the best deal one can offer to you. Nothing can be more entertaining for a gambler. Two complimentary meals per day are to be received on your arrival and till your stay. Accommodation is completely free along with free transportation from airport. It seriously sounds exciting, Isn’t it? Well casino junket can be said the most affordable or rather inexpensive way to make a trip to your favorite gambling destination. If you are receiving invites from different casinos along with complimentary airfare then you are the player which casino does not wish to lose at all. It seems you are a valuable client for them. For a selected group of players, casinos give special offers and send them invites for upcoming event and tournaments. What you can do to become a member of that selected group is when you visit a casino just make an inquiry about the complimentary voucher and steak houses and what is the procedure to avail them. Junkets are no doubt fun and inexpensive; they come as a combo pack. Here you will get to meet gamblers like you and also if you are among the rated players and casino’s favorite then it is the smartest way to enjoy gambling.

What are Casino Traps?

Anyone going into casino has the illusion that he will be spending money as the games cost some money. Also, one eats and drinks while playing and most often outstation tourist require a hotel to check in. But what many gamblers often miss out or we can say do not expect to be tricked in the casino, Yes you heard it right there is a huge probability of you falling into one of casinos trap and end up spending extra money. So, if you have some knowledge about these tricks then you can save a lot of your money.

First thing you should remember is to value your money because casinos wish you to do exactly the opposite. Casinos make use of chips instead of real money because they do not wish to have too many bills and coins spread here and there, there are also chances of theft. Also, one more reason behind this is that people tend to forget that they are gambling with real money when playing with chips. Slot machines and video poker are also meant for this purpose only. Electronic tokens and chips make you forget that you are gambling your real money in there. So, do remember that it’s your hard earned cash in the form of chips and electronic tokens.

Another thing which is common in all the casinos is that there are only few windows and no clocks at all. They want you to forget about time and concentrate on spending as much money as you can. It is obvious the longer you stay, the more you spend. So, just make sure you carry a watch or cell phone along with you and remember to keep a track of time if you do not wish to spend extra money.

The tips described above will help you in having a great fun time at casino without being empty pocketed at the end of the game.


How to Play Free Slots with Slots Bonus

Are you new in this gambling world and you do not know which game will be best suited for you? Then, you can try your luck by just playing slots. Slot is the most common and popular game at the online casinos. To learn this game you just have to know some of the basic rules and regulations. You can play this game at free of cost also. Free slots help you to be expert in this game and you can also win number of bonuses and jackpots. Microgamings, Playtech, Realtime Gaming are some of the software that is used in developing this game. Free games are ideal if you have an urge to play but the investment is keeping you away from these games.

There are two different types of online casino slots which are non progressive slots and progressive slots. You should know the rules properly before you start any game. You can easily win bonuses and jackpots by just downloading the gaming software from any of the online casino sites and then you can start playing. Slots bonus is suitable for people who do not have to worry about the line payout. Online slots give you the real feel of the game. You should firstly know what your investment in each game can be and then you select the game accordingly. You should take care that you do not spend more in initial games.

Win a Lot of Progressive Jackpots by Playing the Right Games

If you want to gain knowledge about casinos then, you should look for casino listings. These listings give you the information about all the online casinos and their present gaming standard. You can get all the casino reviews about various casino sites as well as the best offers given by these sites. These listings also help you to know all the casino bonuses and jackpots that are available to you. All the gambling news will be right at your fingertips with these listings. They give a list of sites who give you the facility of playing free games. It also gives the links of some of the popular sites which you can access directly.

Progressive jackpots are the jackpots that increase their value according to the level of the game. These jackpots are offered by games developed on Microgaming software. There are many news and bonus listing websites where you can get a list of various games that give you the chance to win many jackpots and bonuses. These jackpots add more fun to the game as well as it increases the chances of winning. Basically, these jackpots are won by playing slot games. Sometimes you can play free casino games and win these jackpots. Millionaires Club, deal, no deal, monopoly and many more are the games where you get the chance of winning this jackpot.


What are different casino payment options?

The methods used to pay money to online casino sites are different from general payment mode at real casinos. It is convenient for people to gamble online. When players think of playing online casino then they should choose good payment method. Always link online account to normal account that you check often. The online site provides an option of cash out. Choose payment mode from pop down list that is available on homepage of the site. However sites provide a transaction ID in case of any problems with transfer.

Payment modes:

Through credit card:

It is a widespread payment method over internet. It is the simple payment mode. To get credit card the user needs to open an account with branch. Visa and mastercard top the list of credit cards.

By debit cards:

It is similar to a cheque and payment is made directly. By using debit card user cannot pay much money as compared to credit card.


It is an easy money transfer method over internet. It is used for sending or receiving money. But the money limit depends on casino.


E-wallet helps to keep money at some sites and it is opened simply by choosing a legitimate site and depositing money for the site. Some e- wallets are click2pay, netteller, money booker, 900 pay etc. But before selecting the payment ask the management of the site which is the easy method to process money.

People’s favorite – Cirrus Casino

There are two things Costa Rica is famous for- first, for being the greenest country in the world and secondly, Cirrus casino. Established in the year 2002, with its Headquarters being located at Costa Rica, the Cirrus blackjack is undoubtedly the biggest online gaming site in the world.

There are several reasons that make Cirrus Casino much ahead of the other casinos. The use of Real Time Gaming Technology (RTG) helps the software provider take a back seat and the individual casino operator comes in the forefront while meeting the gaming regulation requirements. The software receives credit for being fair, transparent and responsible. The designs are also praiseworthy. Both the picture quality and the sound quality are unparallel with the other gaming technologies. One does get the feel of playing in a real casino, while playing in the Cirrus Casino online. Another advantage of playing in this software is that it provides more than hundred gaming. Thus, the user has almost numerous options of gaming, just like that of the casinos. Three are games like video slots, Caribbean stud, let em’ ride poker, blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, bingo, keno, to name a few. Most of these games are programmed in progressive betting system, thereby, increasing the winning chances of the online player. The online human player no more feels pressurized for playing with a non human bot. It is also extremely user friendly. Cirrus Casino can be played in almost every operating system.

Playing in Cirrus Casino is safe. Every details and information about the user’s personal and financial conditions are stored by the casino. These information’s are never leaked.

The casino also makes arrangements of attractive offers at regular intervals to encourage customers to play more. Another added facility is it provides customer support via mail, chat and fax to solve all kinds of gaming queries of the customers. All these facilities make Cirrus Casino the number one online casino business in the world.

Casino Games – Exactly Where to Locate the Beneficial Games

When you are heading to try to find selections to become entertained, you would ideally desire to go for something which is price effective and it is also enjoyable at the identical time. Actually, you may be astonished to understand that you simply can truly obtain these kinds of an choice in the event you know where to search. An option that does come to mind here would in all probability need to be casino video games. Now, do not feel of these because the kind of video games that you would go in for and play whenever you are inside a common casino. About the opposite, you can find on the internet alternatives that you simply could maybe go in for and think additional about, since they’re after all of the a lot more well-known ones now.

One of the first things that you would prefer to know about identifying the right kind of casino games would be to notice the distinctive games which are becoming offered. If you are in a casino which has a lot of great video games, you are able to be relaxation assured that you might be in a position to find something that is bound to curiosity you. Acquiring extra games is often a hallmark of on the internet casinos, which is why such a large variety of men and women go in for it.

But, if a lot of video games don’t truly entice you, possibly the fact that you can enjoy these casino video games at several locations may be something of interest for you personally. In fact, one of the strengths of online casinos would need to be that you simply can play from your residence or out of your perform when you are free. In a number of approaches, this is an essential factor to keep in mind in order to be sure that you are immediately after all heading in for an option that does not need as much time from you.

Lastly, if you go for casino video games on the net, you also possess the exceptional benefit that you simply are going to be able to play a whole lot a lot more than you might have in typical casinos. Given that the numbers of games which are out there are far more, it translates to being in a position to try a lot more than you could have probably imagined. Even when standard casinos had many video games, the trouble concerned in going from one location to a different implies that you would not truly have bothered to attempt out all that several video games. Obviously, this can be absolutely not something that you simply would want.