DUMB WAYS TO DIE GAME (Adults React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Dumb Ways to Die?” – “Dumb Ways to Die?” Heh. Never heard of it.

– I’ve never played it. I’m sure it’s going to be dumb. – (gasps) I love this game! It’s cute little characters, and they’re playing these little games and then they just die but you have to make them not die. – (Finebros) Dumb Ways to Die is a collection of fast-paced mini-games that will require you to react quickly to stay alive. – Ooh!

And they’re super fast? Like you have to react fast? (blowing fingers) – I used to have Simon back in the day so let’s see how this go. – (Finebros) We’re actually going to have you play both the original and the sequel to the game. – Ooh, two games!

I like it. A twofer. – I like mini-games, so I think it’ll be fun. – Okay, can I start?

– Okay. – Yes! Run. (tapping screen rapidly) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (sigh of relief) Okay, so I had to get the flames off of me.

Don’t talk! “Move characters below the yellow line.” Okay. Got that one. (sharp exale) Don’t press the red button. (anxiously) Hoo!

♪ (chorus sings arias) ♪ (sighs) Little rainbows, yay. Okay, faster. No! Tap the door without the psycho?!

♪ (game-over music) ♪ I tapped when it was empty. I didn’t tap the bear. I should’ve tapped the panda bear. – “Drag the string from the–?” Okay. (train approaches) Oh, from all the balloons?

“Tilt. Guide the spaceman back to his… planet?” No, his helmet. (spaceman stretches and pops) Gosh dang it.

♪ (cheerful chipbit ditty) ♪ – How cute, okay. Okay, “Drag the balloons.” Okay. So I have to– okay, see? (train rushes past) Okay, I lived! You have to pay attention to this.

Okay, stop the blood from holding the finger– wait, okay— see, that’s what I’m talking about. It went too fast. Let’s see. – “Defend the body parts.

Click on–” (sharp gasp) Okay. Now I’m about to– get away. Okay. Come on, where is he? Get away!

♪ (victory music) ♪ Hey! Okay. “Connect the wires… to end. Do not–” ah, hell! I didn’t know what it said. (wire crackles) Okay.

♪ (game-over music) ♪ (fire roars) Oh shit. Okay, I burnt up ’cause I didn’t connect it quick enough. Damn it. Okay, tap and jump. ♪ (game-over music) ♪ Well, why they look at me like that? I was supposed to go into the train.

You have to pay attention, but it goes so quick. (retching) (vomit splatters) – Oh, “clean up.” Wait, scrub the screen?

(glass squeaks) I missed that. (slipping) Did I lose? Oh. He fell on his vomit? – Okay, “Mind the gap. Tap anywhere to jump.”

(boing) Ooh. Oh, okay. Okay.

“Level complete.” “Connect the wires for your own electrical work.” (wires crackle) ♪ (victory music) ♪ ♪ (chimes tinkle) ♪ Oh, Christmas lights! – “Faster.” “Tilt, don’t let him fall.” Oh, did I already lose?

– “Run. Tap as fast as you can.” So I have to, um– I have three lives. That’s what I’m getting from this screen. (wasps buzz) – “Swat.

Tap to hit the wasps.” (slapping) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (sighs) “Clean up the–” okay. (glass squeaks) (glass squeaks) Oh!

(slipping) I think I lost that one too. (gasps and sighs) ♪ (cheerful chipbit ditty) ♪ Can I play again? (laughs) – “Add mustard. Trace the dot.”

Woo, it should be ketchup. Ketchup is way better than mustard. (retching) Okay.

“Clean up.” (gasps) Aaah! Oh, this is the hard one.

This is the one that I hated. ♪ (victory music) ♪ Oh, but I did it! Yes!

– “Tilt the spaceman back to his helmet.” ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yes, that was so easy. I didn’t think I was gonna do that. (toast scrapes walls of toaster) ♪ (victory music) ♪ Killed it. “Connect the wires.” What?

What the heck? Oh. (wires crackle) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ What was I supposed to do? Man, that one was hard.

It’s hard figuring out what they want you to do. (door creaks) This one. The panda! Add mustard again. – (crowd) Yay! – The little people are so cute.

(train bell ringing) (sounding out word) Patience. Okay, I’m not good at spelling, so– (laughs). Oh! Don’t press it. Didn’t do it.

Oh! Man, aaaah! (spaceman’s head stretches and pops) Oh no!

Oh. (laughs) That was violent. – “Faster, faster.” Okay, I don’t know how to do this one.

Oh, I see. Aw, nuts. (fire roars) Dang it! (laughs) This is so hard. It’s so addicting though.

I feel like I could play this all day. – “Defend the private parts. Flick away the piranha.” Oh gosh! I like how I was just dancing.

Get away, piranha! It’s more like a goldfish attacking. This isn’t that bad. – (crowd) Yay!

– Yay! “Tilt. Guide the spaceman back to his helmet.” ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yay! That was easy. It’s gonna get super difficult and hard though.

– “Run. Tap as fast as you can!” RUN!

RUN! RUN! Hey. I like this game. “Faster.” “Get the toast.

Drag the fork out carefully.” I’m not getting electrocuted today. (toast scrapes sides) ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yeah-ha-ha! (retching) “Clean up.”

(anxious gasp) (glass squeaks) (slipping) Whoa! He’s dead. Great. “Tilt, don’t let him fall.” ♪ (game-over music) ♪ Okay.

That’s two lives already dead. I thought it was easy. It’s not. “Don’t press the red button.” Aah, I almost did it. All right, “Move the characters below the yellow line.”

(trains zooms by) Oh-ho-ho! Gosh. Faster!!

(tapping rapidly) – (crowd) Yay! – Yay! Go into your helmet, sir! It’s just like Gravity. Faster, fafafafa– faster!

I’m really bad at this one! (glass squeaks) (slipping) Oh! No, he’s dead again. And I lost. That’s how quick it goes. – “Add mustard.”

Do I have to add more? Oh, the black parts. I fed a snake. Wait, which way– what?

Oh, go into the egg hole. ♪ (rapid chiptune) ♪ “Faster.” “Tilt–” Oh, don’t let him fall. (grunts) (train bell rings) Boom. (train zooms past) – “Connect…” What? Yes!

(train zooms by) I’m gonna do them all. “Don’t press the red button.” Don’t press it. I won’t.

♪ (chorus singing arias) ♪ I can’t– yes! Okay. ♪ (frantic chiptune) ♪ (retching) – Faster-er?

(glass squeaks) (slipping) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ (frustrated sigh) – “Stop the blood.” (gun shots) – (crowd) Yay! (fox whistle) – Yes! Why a moose? (laughs) – “Pa…” (train bell rings) Boom.

(train zooms by) – Ugh! That’s the one that gets me every time. ♪ (cheerful chiptune) ♪ I did really bad. – (Finebros) All right, you’ve tried the first. Ready to go for the second one?

– Yeah, but I’m kind of scared ’cause I don’t know any of the ways. There’s probably a bunch of new, dumb ways to die. – I feel like I’m gonna get beat very bad and get killed plenty of times. – Let’s do it!

– “Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.” Oh, is this like Olympic Games? – The little characters are just so cute.

Oh, until they start bleeding and dying. (whistling) – “Climb the hair.” (meekly) I’m scared. (giggles) “Don’t run. Tap to walk besides the pool.”

(slipping) Aw, I tapped too fast. Ah, dang it. Okay. “Swipe. Stay between the flags.”

Aah! Aah! Oh no, this is so hard. (bloody splat) I’m already two down. “Tap to jump.”

Oops. (electricity crackles) Well, I died. Okay, can I try again? (chuckles) “Wheel of Misfortune?”

“Spin to win!” Whoa. It’s getting crazy. (audience applauds) What does that mean? “You’ve won an extra life.”

Yes! I’m not gonna die. (board springs) Oh shoot. Yeah, I died. (laughing) (bloody splat) Well, I had an extra life and then it got ripped right out from underneath me. – “Avoid the javelins.

Tap to keep safe.” (descending javelins) (blood splatters) How do I– [bleep]. [Bleep] this game. I don’t know how to play. (horse gallops) Where do I hit?

(slicing noise) I have NO idea how to do– like, I’m hitting the buttons. It’s not doing it. “Swipe right to chop the tree.” Okay. (slicing noise) I get it.

All right. “Faster!” “Close the windows and the doors.” (windows and doors shut) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ (bloody splat) What did I clo– what did I miss? Can you win this game?

♪ (carnival music) ♪ (splat) I don’t get it. And he’s dead again! There’s no point of spinning the wheel ’cause you’re gonna die. “Better luck–” I get it. This game is just making me mad.

♪ (slow-paced ditty) ♪ – Oh, I have to swipe! (koala screeches) He got killed by a koala? That’s awesome. “Use two fingers to light the fire.”

(rubbing peg) (flames roar) (point counter beeps) I got it, even though he was on fire. Okay. “Spin?” (air whooshes) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (faint explosion) Yeah!

That’s a dangerous hammer throw. (apes hum in harmony) “Tap…” (twanging guitar off-key) (whump!) I couldn’t– (snickering). (dolphin squeaks) – (player) Whoo-hoo! – “Ride the dolphin.

Tilt to stay on.” (player yelps) (dolphins squeak) Oh no-ho! (bloody splat) That’s a lot harder. That one’s a lot harder.

(amused) “The Wheel of Misfortune.” Okay. “Spin to win.” ♪ (carnival music) ♪ And you’re strapped– this guy’s sad face. (party favor toots) ♪ (victory music) ♪ What did I get?

“You won an extra life! Ready to continue?” Yeah!

(slurping) Okay, what do I have to do here? “Tap to eat?” (chowing down) EAT IT! EAT IT! (trolls chuckle cruelly) They’re eating me? That was a lot tougher.

– “Find the treasure. Tilt to avoid the mines.” Okay.

(mine beeps) Oh, no! (mine beeps) (soft gasp) ♪ (victory music) ♪ Burgers! ‘Cause I’m already hungry. (laughs) Don’t lick the pole. Just don’t.

Just don’t. (gasps) (point counter beeps) I got rewarded with ice cream. “Faster.” “Swipe between–” Oh, “Stay between the flags.” Oh shoot! Swipe.

I already lost. (bloody splat) (chuckles) “Find: Tap the rock with the grub.” Okay.

(eagle screeches) (point counter beeps) Oh, I thought I won that. (flames crackle) Mmm, tilt to toast. Oh my god! You guys give me no time.

“Sweep. Rub the screen to guide the mine.” (sweeping furiously) Oh, is this that– hold on. (mine explodes) (bloody splat) I guess I don’t know how to play. “Spin to win.” ♪ (carnival music) ♪ (bloody splat) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ But who’s really the winner here?

Not me, clearly. – (sighs) Ah, hell. (eagle screeches) (point counter beeps) Good, okay.

Wait, what’s going on? Okay, tap the salmon. Okay, come on. Come on.

Come on. (sucking meat off bone) See? I– (bear moans sadly) Oh. Oh well, bear. – “Brushed it. Scrub the teeth.”

Okay. (brushing) Hey. Look at this. Okay, get that grill. (point counter beeps) Okay, hey!

(starting gun shot) Okay, tap for fast. Okay, go! Come on! Beat– beat ’em!

Beat ’em! (tapping rapidly) Does he got a scissors in his hand as he’s runnin’? (bloody splat) Did this fool fall? (groans) (rats squeak) Ooh!

(tapping rapidly) Am I supposed to do the same thing again? No! Get up there!

(sigh of relief) That was a lot of rats. I would’ve been mad. (javelins descend) Uh-oh. (whump) Oh-ooh.

(javelins descend) Ooh! Ooh-ooh! Come up! No, get away! Don’t– don’t.

(point counter beeps) “Cross the–” ooh, no. Okay, yeah. Ooh, that’s like Frogger. Ooh-ooh, come here!

Come back, log. (water rushes) (bloody splat) Hmm. Okay, what am I supposed to do? – “Stay between the–” Oh, stay between what? What the–?

(bloody splat) Come on. ♪ (carnival music) ♪ (party favor toots) Get ’em. So what happened? Hey, I won an extra life! (horse gallops) What? (slicing sound) (blood squirts) ♪ (game over music) ♪ (bloody splat) That was a waste.

(rats squeak) ♪ (victory music) ♪ – I got that down. (boing) Jump. Boom. Can I jump on him?

(gator snarls) (softly) Yes. (boing) Frogger. (lava boils) (point counter beeps) “Find the treasure. Tilt to avoid the mines.” Okay. (mines beep) Do it.

♪ (victory music) ♪ Got it. (point counter beeps) (dragon growls softly) – “Paint.” Oh. (anxious groan) (smooch!) “Tap to walk beside the pool.” (slipping) Ugh.

(bloody splat) (rushing wind) Tilt. ♪ (victory music) ♪ See, now that I know how to tilt it’s a lot easier. Tap as fast as I can!

♪ (victory music) ♪ (sparse applause) (point counter beeps) (blade scratching ice) Leap. Leap. (chuckles) ♪ (victory music) ♪ (point counter beeps) (potion bubbles) Okay, “Stir to boil and bubble.” I can do this.

♪ (eerie chime) ♪ (flatly) Wow, magic. This one seems a lot easier than the other one, kinda. (board springs) (whump) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ And then I died. (bloody splat) So do I get to spin?

Yes! ♪ (carnival music) ♪ ♪ (party favor toots) ♪ (applause) I got an extra life! Okay. (chuckles) – (player) Whoo-hoo! – “Ride the dolphin. Tilt to stay on.”

Which way? Okay. – (player) Whoo-hoo! Hoo!

Hoo! Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!

– Got it! (point counter beeps) Oh, so it continues with my score too. Okay, feast. It’s time to eat. (tapping furiously) ♪ (game-over music) ♪ It would’ve been better if I kept it on the table. Well, that’s it.

It was cool. It’s frustrating. – It just makes me mad.

It’s like “I am Bread”. It just makes me– every life makes me more rage. – I think it was dumb. It just ticks you off. Especially if you’re competitive. – Fast-paced, but I like it.

It keeps you on your toes and you get all excited. – That’s a really great game for kids ’cause it gets them to think really fast and just be able to multi-task or even read really fast. – They’re both so much fun.

I want to go download them and play them. But I feel like I’m gonna play them all the time. – Thanks for watching us play Dumb Ways to Die on the React channel. – Want to see more episodes of Adult Gaming?

Then subscribe. – Don’t be dumb. Hit that Like button. – Safely make your way to the comments and let us know what we should play next. – Now departing React Channel Station! Toot!

Toooooot! (train whistles) (bloody splat)