GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Homecoming Reveal

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, so why we are here – we’re here because we’re going to finally show you Project: Homecoming! And I know everybody has been waiting for this, we can actually jump right in to the game and show you the Monsters fighting against each other, so we have Leshen and the Unseen Elder. And this is of course one of the boards, we’ll have faction-specific boards, so you’ll have one for Scoia’tael, Skellige, Northern Realms and Nilfgaard, and of course specific boards for Thronebreaker, which are really, really awesome. But before we show you those, we’re going to show you Monsters first. Let’s start off by moving on to the mulligan screen.

As you can see, we’re able to mulligan some cards… Yeah, the difference that you can see almost immediately is whenever you milligan a card, it doesn’t go immediately to the deck. It’s basically being put on the side of the mulligan screen, and that’s basically it, the cards will go back to the deck as soon as you close the mulligan screen. The other thing that you probably noticed is that you have much more charges of mulligan than before.

Because before we kept it to 3 in the first round and 1 on the second and third round. Yes, exactly. And now they are actually tied to the Leaders. And not only Leaders – additionally, person who goes first will get 1 additional charge of mulligan, or maybe 2, we’ll see, that’s still a subject to change. But yeah, the mulligans are tied to the Leaders and the number of them depends on the power of their ability.

But you also have to remember that now you have a hand limit of 10 cards, right? That’s also something that is there, so you need to think about how you distribute these mulligans. You will be drawing cards in between rounds, and I think it’s 3 cards when you move on to the second round, and on the third one you also get to draw 3 cards, but only if you have less than 10. Again, this is still a subject to change, because this is what we’re trying right now, and it works for us, but we’ll see. Cool. Let’s stop for a minute, let’s just look at the visuals, because as we promised in the letter by Marcin Iwiński and the GWENT Team, the idea was pretty much to have everything look a lot more darker, grittier, have The Witcher 3 feel.

As you can see, we have this feel over here. I also mentioned previously on the Forums that we’re doing something different with Leaders and changing the way they will be working. As you can see, Leaders are present on the battlefield, so we have the Unseen Elder and the Woodland Spirit who is filling in for Dagon, who is currently gone. This looks just incredible, I’m really happy we can actually show it to you. What do you think about the look overall?

What do I think, or what was our goal when we were doing it? Let’s talk about both! What do I think? I actually think it looks amazing. As you can see, the board is actually bigger because we got rid of the side preview on the right. We don’t need it anymore, as the tooltips that we introduced are more like pop-up tooltips – dynamic tooltips.

Yeah, we can also show those and hover over the cards, and you’ll be able to see that. When you hover over a card you get the preview and the tooltip for it. We also have a big preview but we’ll get to that later. But let’s address the elephant in the room! Not the visual change, the other change.

2 rows – how does this affects the gameplay in the game? This is a very big concern for the Community, so let’s talk about what 2 rows actually enabled for you and your team to do. So, the goal behind the 2 rows was to actually put more focus on the row identity, because this allowed us to create a bit more complicated abilities, without making the tooltips obscure and crazy.

Therefore, what you can expect from now on in GWENT are abilities like, let’s call it row-restricted abilities. We’re not restricting you from playing a card on any row you want to, but some of the abilities will only trigger on certains rows. You’ll have even cards that have different abilities on the melee and on the ranged row.

I know that this was requested by the Community for a long time, but with 3 rows it was really hard to actually do something that will be both interesting, balanced, and on top of that the tooltip will be clean and will not take half of the screen when you’re reading it. Just to jump in – I really like this idea because there are some units, for example, when you play them in melee they hit for 4, let’s say – – of course these are not proper numbers because all these things are a subject to change – – but if you place it on the ranged row, it does 4 damage but you can split it on different units, on four different units, you can proc them one by one, which is really cool because it opens up a whole new space when you design cards, and I really like it. Same with cards that, for example, might do damage or might boost depending on where they are placed, that’s really cool. Also, the cards received a major overhaul, and I’m not only talking about the visuals, of course I’m talking also about the gameplay, but let’s focus on the first part, so the visuals.

They have a new frame, also they are a lot darker, the art is exposed a lot more, and it feels right at home with the redesigned board. What do you think about these? Again, I really, really love them, I much prefer this look to the old look because it just makes the art more prominent, it makes the art pop out more.

As we can see, there are Gold cards, there are Bronzes, but where are the Silvers, Luigi? Ehh, I knew this was coming. So, there are no Silver cards anymore. Let me tell you why, because this can cause outrage, that we are cutting and cutting.

Homecoming, right? We’re going back to the roots, The Witcher 3. Yeah, that’s basically it, because when we created Silver cards back in the day, I think it was in early beta, we created them for balance purposes, because we couldn’t have just Golds and Bronzes, because we didn’t have anything in between.

Right now, with the introduction of the Army limit system – I think you already leaked something about that… Yeah, I talked about it. You have restrictions as to the amount of cards you can put in your deck, and decks are constructed with 30 cards. Yes, so with this system, we actually don’t need Silvers anymore because they are exactly the same as Gold cards. And again, this is coming back to The Witcher 3, where GWENT had only Bronze and Gold cards.

So maybe let’s jump to the big preview of a card, and this card is actually wounded and has something called the base power of the card. Something very requested by the Community. Yes, you were requesting that a lot in the last months, not only last months, last years actually, and we wanted to give it to you. Right now when you preview the card, if you go to the big preview, you will see card’s base power and its current power.

Let’s maybe move on to the VFX, we’ll actually show one of the cards doing damage. As you can see, there is like a fireball effect moving through, and yeah, this is something cool. I know that the VFX team is working really hard and they are making really cool VFX for the weather, because weather stays, right?

Yes, yes. I just wanted to notice that in each statement you can just sum up everything with every visual received major overhaul. Well yes, but now we can actually show all the visuals, which is really cool and I’m really excited for these, because you and the whole team – they kicked ass to get this done. But remember that the visuals are not the only thing that is getting overhaul, because audio is for example getting it as well. It’s really hard to display, especially when we are talking, but yeah, everything is receving a major overhaul so the quality of the game should improve drastically.

Luigi, thank you, as always, for joining me here in the studio, and let’s wait for the next update! See you guys! Bye!