The Top 10 Hottest Guys in CS:GO

What’s up guys, my name is Colin McNeil for theScore esports. Last Valentine’s Day, we gave you a video called “The Top 10 hottest League of Legends Players,” and you loved it. Yeah.

So this year, we’re giving more of what you want, with the Top 10 hottest players in CS:GO. Now hold on, before you start writing an essay in the comments section promising to unsubscribe, hear me out. We evaluated these players based on their highlight potential, recent success, relevancy to the game and, yeah, their good looks too. So now that the criteria’s out of the way, here is the Top 10 hottest guys in CS:GO. Peanut brain?

I don’t think so. Nobody is underestimating the tactical prowess of tarik after Cloud9’s incredible Major win in Boston. And you know what, I have it on good authority that smart is sexy. That’s why we’ve picked him to start off this entirely scientific… …Top 10 list. (Casting) Ah yes, the Bosnian beast.

NiKo’s frags are always hot, but since joining FaZe Clan we feel like his style has really improved as well. Damn, this dude has some swag. And it’s worth noting that NiKo has obviously been hitting the gym lately. We’d be doing him a real disservice if we didn’t give him props for the hard work he’s been putting in. Now let’s cut the shirtless selfies and get to the good shit, those sexy NiKo frags.

(Casting) You know, I won’t lie, I did not have jdm on this list originally. But some of the women in the office just wouldn’t stand for it. The bandana-wearing, chair reclining American AWPer had been an integral part of Team Liquid since the summer of 2016. That is until his recent departure in February of this year. He’s like the all-American boy next door… if the boy next door could hit flick shots like this.

(Casting) And hey, if that didn’t convince you, take a look at this bizarre video from ESG Myknonos, with jdm coming out of the ocean, Daniel Craig style. The first and only Frenchman on our list, shox can do it all. He can AWP with the best of them, outduel just about anyone on rifles, and clutch like you wouldn’t believe. (Casting) And when it comes to matters of the heart, I like to imagine he’s equally well-rounded. Everybody loves a renaissance man, am I right? And hey, that suave haircut and pretty solid jawline don’t hurt either.

They say success is the best aphrodisiac. Well, in our next player’s case, he’s got plenty of that. …success, I mean. Arguably the best player in the world, Coldzera also sports one hell of a manly moustache that practically exudes testosterone.

We’re talking Tom Selleck levels of manliness here. And just like NiKo, Cold has clearly been putting in work at the gym. These days he’s looking like a lean, mean fragging machine.

And if you do manage to resist the Brazilian’s animal magnitude, just take a look at these highlights, OK. (Casting) Coming in at number five is another player that the female contingent here in the office just couldn’t leave off the list. The clean cut Danish superstar himself, dev1ce. Recently bouncing back from an injury that kept him out of competitive Counter-Strike for months, dev1ce is back as the primary AWPer for Danish powerhouse Astralis and we are glad to see it.

I have to admit, I’m starting to see the appeal. But whether he’s your type or not, you just can’t argue with plays like this. (Casting) Ah, Sean Gares.

Analyst, in-game leader and not a bad fragger himself. Is there anything this guy can’t do? (Casting) Between leading Misfits to some pretty impressive results, to appearing on the ELEAGUE analyst desk, we’ve been seeing a lot Mr. Gares recently, and that, combined with his good looks, has landed him the number four spot on our list. They say confidence is the key to attraction and Sean has plenty to be confident about.

“You are not my friend, you are my brother, my friend.” Do I really need to explain why Pasha Biceps is on this list? This dude is swole. The guy looks like he could curl a bus-and-a-half.

Plus he has some absolutely adorable children and I know the ladies love a family man. Awwwww. Oh yeah, and I guess he’s a pretty good Counter-Strike player as well… (Casting) I’m just going to come out and say it, one taps are sexy. Although he hasn’t been in top form recently, ScreaM is still the undisputed king of single shot and tight spray AK kills. Uh, sorry, wrong clip. (Casting) I could say more about ScreaM’s dashing good looks, piercing eyes and well groomed facial hair, but hey, I think the highlights speak for themselves.

This is it people, our number one hottest CS:GO player, and who else could it possibly be, but the X-God himself? Dosia a living legend not just in Counter-Strike, but in the Russian dating scene as well. His exploites in love are almost as well known as his accomplishments in esports. A 1.6 player who successfully made the transition to Global Offensive, the Russian playboy is a Major champion, and a major heartbreaker.

Now before you get too hot under the collar, I do need to inform you that, as of September 2017, Dosia is a happily married man. (Casting) Ok, that was our list and you made it this far. So go ahead, flame me. But I don’t know about you, I feel the energy in the air. It’s like Cupid just one tapped me with his Deagle of love.