What You Need to Know About Robot Gambler

Is the robot more intelligent than human beings? This one of the most hotly debated topic in the casinos nowadays. In most occasions, the opponent of a human player is a non human player i.e. a robot or a machine, nicknamed as bot, by the gamblers. These bots are most common in the online gambling centers where the gamblers compete with these programmed software. There are bots for every games- poker, blackjack, slots. The poker bots and the blackjack bots are the favorites of the customers and sales have been quite high.

Poker is a game which requires high skills and one also has to understand the psychology of the opponents in order to win. It is for this reason that the playing with poker bots are extremely challenging as it is next to impossible to understand the next move of these bots. However, there are reports of few human players winning against the bots.

The question remains debatable as to whether it is ethical to make a human player compete with a pre-programmed gaming software and machine. Shanky Technology, one of the leading software making company declared, “Our poker bot plays extremely well, but you do need to find a profitable game environment to put it in. A lot of our customers are good players themselves who just use the program to hold their place in juicy games while they eat dinner, or play out their customer reward points in free roll tournaments.” Thus exposing a stark reality that there are times when men use these bots in substitute of themselves. These robots do not get tired, neither do they cross through any emotional swings while winning and losing and the biggest advantage is that they are programmed in a manner to be able to compete easily with the toughest of players. Robot gamblers are definitely a big competition to human players.