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Why aren’t you? That’s a question only you can answer. Do you know the benefits? Probably not. If you did, you’d be a patron by now. For the first package, it’s $5 per month, and that gets you three free entries into 10 $5 prize pool tournaments.

They’re all in Solitaire Cube. Three free entries into 10 games per month in Solitaire Cube for $5 per month. Or, you can invest $10 per month, get 20 match codes in a variety of Skillz games, like this best online casinos. Cue Cube, Solitaire Cube, Bubble Shooter, Strike Rail Money Bowling. All four of those are gonna be rotating for those tournaments. Now, the reason we have the majority inside of the $20 per month is this reason right here.

So you’ll get 30, 30 match codes, but 10 of those 30, you’ll have unlimited entries to be able to get that number one spot. Also, a variety of games. You will have unlimited entries from the start of the tournament to the end of the tournament, which each of these games, each of these tournaments are running three days long. So you’ll have three days to get the best possible score in this game. $20 a month, if you pay $20 month, you’ll get 30 match codes.

If you pay $5, you’ll only get 10 and you’ll only get three free entries into those 10 tournaments. Now the second tier, you’re gonna get 10 more. So you’ll have those 10 with the three free entries, but for the $10 bracket, you’re gonna get 10 entries. 10 free entries into 10 additional tournaments that are in the variety of games. Now, you graduate to the $20 per month. You’ll have the three free entries in to 10 games, you’ll have the 10 free entries into 10 more matches, and then, for the last 10 matches of the month, you’re gonna have 10 unlimited entries to get first place.

And guess what? Since it’s $20 a month, not very many people are in it, but that being said, more people are getting into it, because they’re thinking not very many people are gonna get into it. So it’s like a double-edged sword.

Make sure you become a patron today. And if you can’t afford to be a patron, go to to the Twitch channel,, the link will be in the description below and you’ll be able to see those tournaments running, all 10 of them will be on my twitch channel 24/7 for you. And become a patron so you don’t miss another tournament. I’ll see you next time.